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I have so many good things to say about this recipe! The flavors are just outstanding, a terrific blend that works well together. The result is a mild fish dish that is special. Each addition just adds to the whole. The breading amounts were perfect. My fish did turn out a little dry, but I tried to utilize cooking spray in the pan instead of the margarine. I loved the sauce! I wasn’t sure what to expect when reading the recipe, but am so glad I tried this mild lemony sauce. Pouring it over the breaded fish, capers, olives, & basil results in a restaurant quality meal. It is also a lot easier to prepare than I anticipated. I will use this recipe again. Thank you chef and terrific job!!

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Susie D March 07, 2005

This dish has great potential and definitely caught my eye. The cashew crust is a good crust for fish, but it definitely needed some seasoning added and I had hoped the cashews were just a little more crisp. Maybe cooking for a shorter time in a hotter oven would be an idea. I was really unsure of the lemon sauce. I've never made a lemon sauce and wasn't sure if my consistency was correct, as it seemed to get really thick and I had to thin it, but it still wasnt thinned to "drizzle" consistency as the instructions suggest, and I was unsure of how thin to go. A little more guidance on this part of the recipe could be helpful. The capers added a nice touch. I think this could be a great recipe with a few adjustments and clarification. A good contest entry with nice creativity.

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Kelly M. February 14, 2005
Mediterranean Tilapia Cashew Fusion With Lemon Sauce