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I used white wine instead of red and also squeezed some the lemon juice in after zesting. I cut the thighs up into kebab size pieces and marinated them for 24 hours. The result was moist and and flavorful. Thank you.

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Katanashrp August 13, 2012

Great grilled chicken and relish. This is what we had for 4th of July BBQ. The marinade was zesty. The chicken meat was moist and tender and the relish was a good accompaniment. My husband shredded his chicken and put it and the relish on a bun. A hit with all of us. Thanks.

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beccalanders31 July 07, 2003

Mmmmmmm Good chicken Nurse Di!! Made this for supper tonight, had to make a couple of tiny changes, white wine instead of red also red balsamic vinegar instead of white. Only because that is what I had on hand. The chicken was best we've had for a while, DH said more than 5 stars, including the relish. Wrong time of the year for the grill, so I did them under the broiler and I guess because of that, had to cook them 10 minutes longer, further from the heat I guess. Also added 1/4 of a chopped Spanish onion to the relish. The relish was a great finishing touch. I think it would be nice on other things too. Loved the marinade and will probably try it on some cod we're having this week. Thanks for sharing a wonderful versitile recipe.

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Derf March 11, 2003
Mediterranean-Style Chicken Thighs