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My picky husband loved this! Made no changes to the recipe but might try with some capers or olives next time. Not only was it delicious but the colorful vegetables made for a nice presentation. A definite make again!

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jrobi70 September 23, 2008

We really really enjoyed this!!! I browned chunks of chicken breast and set aside and continued on with the recipe as written. I returned the chicken breasts to the pot and let gently simmer for the last 10 minutes of cooking time so the chicken wouldn't be dry and overcooked. Served with some bread...we will be making this one again! Thanks!

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Vino p.o. prn November 05, 2008

This was an easy recipe to make and I enjoyed the combination of flavors. Mine came out more like a stew. I served it with some crusty artisan bread as recommended.

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JKakes February 17, 2008

This has a nice flavour and I like the fact that it is easy and low fat but I had problems with the potato not cooking. After an hour the potato pieces were still very hard so I removed them and microwaved them for a few minutes. The chicken was ready after about 30 minutes and was very tender. I would recommend partially cooking the potato first to ensure it cooks through.

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Jac March 08, 2005

Very nice week night supper, very basil taste. It made a great one pot supper, easy and reasonabley quick. I used chicken legs and made sure they were well browned before adding the other ingredients resulting in fall off the bone chicken with good taste. The spinach was a nice touch to finish. We would make this again, thanks for sharing and good luck in the contest.

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Derf February 25, 2005

I used boneless chicken breast and cut into 1” cubes in order to speed dinner to the table. Because I was using smaller pieces of chicken, I decreased the oil to 2T and that was almost too much. The seasonings in this were excellent & the aroma out of this world. A great comfort type dinner!! I thought the flavor was a good blend of the seasonings and that the wine added depth to this dish. I did have to add ½ cup of chicken broth to finish the cooking, but am sure it was because the size of the chicken not producing any moisture. This also has an eye pleasing appearance. All in all, something I will make again! Thanks!!!

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Susie D February 19, 2005
Mediterranean Skillet