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I chose this recipe last night because of all the votes. I am not normally such a creative chef, but our dinner guests requested Meditteranean so I gave it a try. SO glad I did! I ask my husband to rate my new recipes on a scale from 1-10. I've usually gotten 8,9 or 10- but this recipe got a 12! A first! The guests loved it too. Not only was it aromatic and flavorful, the presentation was nice, too.

I made a few subs- I used chicken broth instead of wine (actually think it would be okay without it), I used regular tomatoes instead of plum, I used half the butter, I only had one roasted red pepper so I used jarred for the other, I only put in a few tablespoons of olives and about 1 (or less) TBS of capers (I was nervous about them). Even after ALL those substitutions, everyone still loved it. Served it with salad and a crunchy bread.

It took me about 2 hours to make from start to finish- the major time killers were roasting the red peppers (1 hour total, but super easy, you can be doing other prep while you wait), and peeling, crushing and chopping all that garlic. Both of these things can be done the day before (store red peppers in oil), so I will be doing that next time. Now that I've done it once, it will be a breeze to do over, which I certainly will (again and again!).

THANK you for this recipe, I loved hearing what a great chef I am! :)

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myjennymarie May 21, 2011

Seriously - this took me FOUR hours to make from start to finish. I have never been so irritated with a recipe in my entire life. I don't know how anyone could possible prep this in 20 minutes (as it's listed). It was good, but certainly not great. That is 4 hours of my life I will never get back. I would highly recommend against making this. If you decide to make it, use canned tomatoes, bottled roasted peppers, ez-peel shrimp, and bottled minced garlic. Thank God that I got lucky with the olives - when I opened the jar, I was surprised to find that they were already pitted. I never want to see this recipe again!

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Paris D July 30, 2008

This was amazing! The prep time did take a while but it was a whiz once that was done. I cut the butter in half and saut?ed the garlic first for about 1 -2 minutes then added the onions and took them out together. I added about 3 T of olive oil before adding the tomatoes. I used probably twice as much oregano and basil. Followed everything else as written. Served with piping hot Fenech baguette and feta cheese. Beyond Delish!! Happy New Year indeed!

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MamaLeen December 31, 2012

A lovely variation on scampi, I halved the recipe and substituted regular tomatoes for the plum as i had a ton from my garden.I served this with caesar salad, Ev's baked feta (#67949)and hot french bread.DH said this was "slap your Mama" food.Its a keeper!!
just made this recipe again..timed myself..took 20 mins start to finish.did use jarred red peppers.but still fabulous recipe.and really quick to whip up..maybe im a really fast chopper .lol!

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ChefDebs December 10, 2011

I think it took over an hour even with my shortcuts below, but well worth it. I used chicken (husband doesn't eat shrimp), 2 tblsp olive oil and 1 tblsp butter, garlic from the jar, a jar of roasted peppers (chopped), canned, crushed tomatoes, cilantro (no flat-leaf at the grocery store), no capers, no lemons. I also used a couple of squirts of bottled lemon juice. And it turned out FANTASTIC. I tasted before and after the olives (my husband is not a fan of those either), and they really made the difference. I forgot, I also added about 1 tsp of crushed red pepper. It needed salt to taste and we ate over pasta.

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LK Devildog July 11, 2011

This was absolutely delish! My boys had never eaten Mediterranean anything before and were wowed by how great all of the flavors melded together, me too! Thanks for posting

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Jade #3 February 14, 2010

This is possibly the best dish ever! The house smells like a 5* Italian restaurant. Seriously, make this, then go outdoors for a minute and come back in. WOW! I figured if this tasted half as good as it smells, it will be a winner. Well it tastes TWICE as good as it smells. No two bites taste the same. You get a kick from a medley of ingredients that somehow magically changes with each bite. We took tails off before cooking which is definitely the way to go. Otherwise it would've been a mess to get the tails off while eating. Served over steamed rice. 50 bazillion million gagillion stars!!!! Thank you so much.

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Poofy February 01, 2010

Wow! I made this last night for a BBQ (as an appy) and it was not only a beautiful presentation- but delicious! I will keep this in the keeper file!! Thank you so much for the recipe :)

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Chez Michelle May 25, 2009

Let me just say that after my guests tasted this dish last night, they tried to convince me to open up a restaurant... Thank you.

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Katanashrp May 15, 2009
Mediterranean Scampi