Mediterranean Scampi

READY IN: 45mins

Who does not like Scampi. You have had Scampi the usual method, with loads of garlic and extra virgin olive oil... Now have Scampi my Med-way, and you won't go back.... Have plenty of baguette to soak up all the sauce... So good, you will be sorry when it is all gone. Winning Recipe Entry, RSC#7.

Top Review by myjennymarie

I chose this recipe last night because of all the votes. I am not normally such a creative chef, but our dinner guests requested Meditteranean so I gave it a try. SO glad I did! I ask my husband to rate my new recipes on a scale from 1-10. I've usually gotten 8,9 or 10- but this recipe got a 12! A first! The guests loved it too. Not only was it aromatic and flavorful, the presentation was nice, too.

I made a few subs- I used chicken broth instead of wine (actually think it would be okay without it), I used regular tomatoes instead of plum, I used half the butter, I only had one roasted red pepper so I used jarred for the other, I only put in a few tablespoons of olives and about 1 (or less) TBS of capers (I was nervous about them). Even after ALL those substitutions, everyone still loved it. Served it with salad and a crunchy bread.

It took me about 2 hours to make from start to finish- the major time killers were roasting the red peppers (1 hour total, but super easy, you can be doing other prep while you wait), and peeling, crushing and chopping all that garlic. Both of these things can be done the day before (store red peppers in oil), so I will be doing that next time. Now that I've done it once, it will be a breeze to do over, which I certainly will (again and again!).

THANK you for this recipe, I loved hearing what a great chef I am! :)

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  1. In a large skillet or deep fast fry pan, melt butter; be careful it does not burn.
  2. Saute the garlic; when golden in color, remove from heat and set aside for later use.
  3. Add onions, saute until just softened; remove from heat and set aside for later use.
  4. Add plum tomatoes with their juice; lemon juice, white wine; bring to a boil.
  5. Add onion and garlic which you had set aside.
  6. Add roasted red bell peppers.
  7. Turn down heat and allow liquid to reduce.
  8. Add fresh herbs (parsley, oregano, basil).
  9. Add shrimp and steam until pink.
  10. Add capers and olives; allowing them to warm through.
  11. Turn out onto a warm platter or serving bowl -- garnish with lemon wedges, and serve while hot.
  12. Serves 4 - 6 comfortably; cook time - approximately 45 minutes, including peeling and chopping.

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