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This incredibly healthy, light, main-dish dinner salad was wonderful! It was easy to make, had the added bonus of having healthy protien in it, and was loaded with good-for-you ingredients! It appealed to me intitally because it looked easy to make; unique; light rather than heavy; and because of its Mediterranean ingredients - I have always heard that a Mediterranean-style diet is one of the healthiest ways to eat. After eating it, I was most impressed with its flavor, the fact that it left me feeling full and satisfied, despite its lightness, and its well-balanced ingrediants -I knew I had just eaten a very healthy and well-balalanced meal. Adding the avacado was a a very nice touch! My husband also loved this salad! This salad lends itself to I playing with it, and trying other proteins with it, instead of the shrimp, such as turkey, chicken, or lean ham. But, just as is, it was fabulous! I followed the instructions exactly and the only thing I would do differently next time would be to use a Grrek Dressing with a little bit more of a kick (the one I used was a bit bland); add even more red pepper flakes to the shrimp, as I sauteed it; and throw in some onion, sliced in rings. Other than that, it was perfect!

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Helping Hands November 21, 2008

Great salad! I loved all of the ingredients. IMO, the key to the salad is a good salad dressing.

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Ck2plz August 12, 2010

Excellent salad! Perfect for a easy summer meal. The salad itself is delicious and would be fine on its own, but adding the shrimp sends it right over the top. Will add to our regular rotation. Thanks for sharing!

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JillAZ July 03, 2010

Part of my new regime to eat healthier..Enjoyed the variety in this salad. Made it with spinach and shredded iceberg in hopes of getting hubby on board..Used my new mandolin to add slivered red onion,cucumber and green pepper. Left out the avocado on account of it's extra calories.. used a spritzer dressing to minimize calories.

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'nora January 12, 2010

This was really good!!! Nice light meal after all the heavy holiday meals!! I used Anna's Goddess dressing and it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing!!! I also used strawberry tomatoes

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kzbhansen December 30, 2008
Mediterranean Salad With Shrimp