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Wow! Only change I made was to cook at 140C/280F for 4 hours which I think really suited the recipe in my oven with a top element that otherwise may have burnt it a bit. I loved the blend of spices and hint of chili, I added a few potatoes during cooking and baked those along side and they soaked up the wonderful flavors really well.

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Peter J November 13, 2010

Bergy, another good, no excellent, recipe from you!! This is a recipe that we just can't get enough of! With the left over meat cut from the bone I am making a 'lamb' hash sort of thing, with much of the seasoning included. It certainly smells good! I intend to freeze half of it, so we'll see how that works. Thanks Bergy

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Colorado Lauralee June 04, 2006

The coating on this roast is soo tasty!! Has a nice little bite and lots of nice spicy taste. My leg of lamb was boneless, but I wanted to try this anyway, so I stuffed it with drained roasted red pepper, chopped, pecans, Mandarin orange segments, drained and a touch of DeJong mustard. It worked out great, the mild stuffing didn't over ride the wonderfull spicy coat. We loved it and will probably make it again. Thanks for sharing a very tasty roast rub.

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Derf October 24, 2004
Mediterranean Roast Lamb