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My DD got into an Edamame kick a while ago, so I was buying them in packages at Costco. Well, she stopped eating them...for whatever reason and didn't tell me, so I had a freezer full of beans. If the recipe turned out the way I was hoping it would, I would use it for our rehersal dinner for when my second DD gets married. We loved it! The salad had the crunch from the beans, sweetness from the tomatoes and salt from the cheese and olives!! I am not a big fan of oil floating around my foods (in fact, it turns me off totally!!) so I did make some changes. I had made a garlic infused oil (for another recipe) and had some of the oil and cooked garlic left over. I used some of the sun-dried tomato oil and the garlic infused oil and the left over garlic chips. I probably did not use even 1 T. It passed the "bride has to try everything and see everything" test and loved it!!! I dehydrate roma tomatoes when they come on sale... so next time, I will use half of my tomatoes and half of the oil infused tomatoes to use them up. If anybody else buys edamame at Costco, 3 cotainers equals just shy 2 cups. I have company coming in the next 2 weeks, so I think this recipe will get a good workout from me! Thanks Chef!!

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Abby Girl September 07, 2009

I tried this recipe for a potluck and we loved it! (I tripled the recipe.) It is a very aromatic dish that scents the whole house. Mmm! The only changes made were: I snipped the sun-dried tomatoes into small bits and by the time I had added about 2/3 cup of them to the edamame it looked like more would overwhelm the salad, so I didn't triple the amount of sun-dried tomatoes, but sliced and added about a pound of fresh ripe cherry tomatoes, instead. I couldn't find feta cheese, so substituted goat cheese (I read that it's a healthier cheese, anyway, with less fat and less salt). For the dressing (step 2), I decided I would like my garlic pureed, so I mixed the dressing in the blender. I feel like I have too many vinegars already on hand, so used red wine vinegar instead of buying white. I couldn't find white balsamic vinegar, so substituted what I found, which was golden balsamic vinegar. I also had forgotten to buy fresh oregano, so substituted 1/3 as much dried oregano, and I used extra-virgin olive oil. I mixed the edamame, tomatoes, onions and olives, then added the dressing. I found I needed only half of the dressing, so have kept the rest of the dressing aside, in a container in the fridge. Next time I will reduce those ingredients by half. This helps make the recipe lower in fat, too. The cheese was added just before serving. On re-visiting the left-overs the day after, I have found that even if certain ingredients are left out, it still is terrific! My husband picks out the onion and I pick out the olives, but it's delicious even without those. Some of the salad was left without cheese because there were vegans at the potluck -- and it tastes delicious without the cheese, as well.

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Lianna Banana April 15, 2007

This is just EXCELLENT! The flavors are fantastic. I used kalamata olives, (I would recommend you NOT use the canned black olives). I omitted the feta as I am not a fan. Double the batch as you will want more.

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adriennenewton May 13, 2012

Delish!! This salad was fantastic and the presentation is so colorful. Great on flavor and a great dish to wow your guests. This salad could not go wrong as it has everything I love in it. I will definitely make this dish again and again!!!! Thanks for the post.

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DailyInspiration August 26, 2011

This was delicious! I only put 1/4 cup oil, used Kalomata olives, and I had some sun dried tomatoes in garlic. This was so flavorful, I will be making this again soon!

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sweetcakes July 19, 2010

Made exactly as written (using sun-dried tomatoes in oil) and ended up with a very tasty (and healthy) salad to pack for my boyfriend's lunch. I will be making this again. Thanks for posting.

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JackieOhNo! June 17, 2009

Good recipe! I had some edamame in my freezer, and I didn't know what to do with it. I found this recipe, and was quite pleased! I, too, substituted a bit, but the spirit of the recipe is there, and it turned out great. I used about one cup edamame and one-third cup red onion. I also used olive tampenade instead of black olives. I've eaten mine with a fork, but I'm tempted to serve it on a crusty bread, flatbread, or cracker.

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mikeb June 03, 2008

So easy to make and such great flavor! I served some to my parents, who rarely like new foods, and they loved it, too. I had marinated sundried tomatoes, so I just eliminated the olive oil.

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Bibliobethica August 01, 2007

I will add extra garlic to it next time, but this is a great salad.

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zannah17 July 05, 2007

Loved it! Boyfriend who eats meat loved it. I have made it several times in the past 2 months since finding it. So easy & yet so wonderful. I omit the olives, just because I don't like them, but it's great without them too! Thanks for posting.

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Kirchren May 29, 2007
Mediterranean Edamame Salad