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YUM! I made this for a Thanksgiving appetizer and it was well received and I would make it again. I didn't care for the hummus I purchased (I usually either make my own or get it at Trader Joes) so I added equal parts light sour cream and hummus to tone down the bad roast garlic flavors coming through LOL. I also subbed out chopped sundried tomatoes for the carrots and it was AWESOME. Thanks for sharing! Photo forthcoming.

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JanuaryBride November 28, 2011

YUM! This was wonderful. Will make this again. Thanks!!

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LuvsTheSun September 25, 2013

This was so quick and easy to throw together, and it was deliciously flexible to accommodate the ingredients I had on had. I used homemade hummus and skipped the sour cream (can't like it!), and based on another reviewer's suggestion I subbed finely diced cucumber for the carrots. Delicious! I could absolutely have made this my dinner tonight! Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT 9, Gourmet Goddesses.

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smellyvegetarian July 20, 2013

I loved this dip, although it's more of a meal than a dip! I made this exactly as posted, except I used warm pita bread triangles to serve it with. Definitely need something sturdier, like the pita chips that are listed. The flavors were great, and it's very filling. I served this in a 9-inch deep-dish pie plate, which worked really well. Made by a Tasty Test for ZWT9.

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JackieOhNo! July 14, 2013

Totally exceeded my expectations, the Mediterranean version of the Mexican 7 layer dip! Our favorite is the olive hummus, so I used that (and halved the olives accordingly). I also added less cheese and took advice from other reviewers and made the following adjustments: skipped adding the artichoke liquid, subbed tomatoes and cucumbers for the carrots and topped it with fresh basil. It was so delicious. We tried a variety of crackers and chips with it and liked the Trader Joe's reduced guilt tortilla chips the best. The two of us made a very satisfying meal out of this (with a little bit leftover).

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Maito March 16, 2013

We really enjoyed this dip - it had everything we love in it and together these ingredients made a great presentation. I did not include the carrots, but I know I would love them even though DH is not fond of carrots - I'm still working on him. Will definitely make this dip again -- if it doesn't last until New Year's eve, I'll just make another batch. I used Garlic Hummus to make the garlic hummus. Made for PRMR, December, 2012.

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DailyInspiration December 28, 2012

For some reason, I had some reservations about this recipe, but why I don't know. I decided to follow the recipe exactly and it was very tasty and well received by all. I served it with toasted pita wedges. I will make it again. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for ZWT6.

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Pesto lover June 14, 2010

I used "Roasted Red Pepper Hummus" (#182429) for the hummus--it's my absolute favorite hummus recipe. I didn't have sour cream but did have plain nonfat yogurt, and I let it sit in a coffee filter for a while as other recipes suggested. I put chopped cucumber on top instead of the carrot -- it seemed a little more Greek...and I didn't do anything with the reserved liquid-mine seemed to be mostly water. Anyway, everyone liked it and some asked for the recipe!! Thanks!

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Kim S. March 25, 2010

I enjoyed this dip with crackers. I mixed it all together before I realized I should have layered it. But it was still very nice! Thanks! Made for KK's Chef's Pick.

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Sharon123 December 13, 2009

I made this for Phil's (DH's) work; they were feeling unnappreciated because I'd not been sending in much home cooking lately! It went over well - although I would make a few minor adjustments next time. I'd use chopped roasted red peppers instead of the carrots (or even just chopped red peppers), as I just couldn't quite reconcile the shredded carrots on a mediterranean dip in my mind... and I would only add a tbsp of the marinade from the artichoke jar. Phil said that the amount from the jar was a bit much and made the dip a bit on the runny side. I used Yummy Hummus With Variations for the hummus, and the flavours were awesome overall. I did wonder about adding a thin layer of chopped fresh basil, too. This is the kind of recipe that really gets your imagination going! (Maybe a layer of bruschetta on top?) Yum!! Thanks, LIG! Made for Veggie Swap Lucky 13.

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Katzen August 31, 2009
Mediterranean Dip