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Ok I made this for the Spring 2009 PAC. I was not sure what to expect from this, since I have never cooked any food like this before. I am more of a throw it in a pan and let it go. This was all about presentation. With that I have to admit that it was extremely easy to make. I had no problems except finding the Couscous. I could not find the Parmesan kind, so I just got some Parmesan cheese and put in with it while it cooked. Well, when it was done, I plated as directed and it was very lovely! It looked very good and extremely appetizing. Looked like I slaved over the kitchen. Not so... LOL The taste was awesome. You have to make sure you get a little of everything in at least the first bite. The mix of them just sets the whole dish off. I will have to say, this is something that I will have to keep stashed away for those special moments when I definitely want to impress someone. True Kudos on this one!

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Creation in Hope April 15, 2009
Mediterranean Chicken