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I admit that I was drawn to this by the fact that it meant no washing up-and I am rather partial to meatloaf!! Never made one with cornflakes,so this was a new one on me-it worked out pretty well too. Squishing it all around in the bag was good fun,but I did have to use a second one, as I managed to puncture the first. This makes a fairly dense meatloaf,that holds together well on slicing. I would throw some salt and pepper in time, and maybe a few herbs, just to pep it up a little, but generally it was enjoyed by everybody. Thanks! Made for OZ/NZ Recipe Swap #41

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Noo June 12, 2010

My first recipe made in the February Recipe swap. A slight learning curve to convert to pounds, beef stock powdwer and and what is an oven bag. LOL Followed recipe exactly and came out with a meatloaf very much as my wife has made for years but the old fashioned hard way. THANK YOU Jen T!! She now thinks I might be able to cook. When the loaf was almost done, I slathered the top with ketchup and put back in for a few minutes to glaze it. Very Tasty. I'll be trying this in my cast iron Dutch Oven this spring while camping. I'd give it 4.5 stars.

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MadCity Dale February 22, 2008
Meatloaf the Lazy Way