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Delicious! I didn't add the spanish onion since DH doesn't care much for onions - just used the onion soup mix. I also used tomato sauce in place of ketchup - personal preference. This is going in my DH's book of favorites! Thank you Debbie, I will use this recipe often! Made for 2009 Spring PAC

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kittycatmom March 29, 2009

BOMB-FREAKING.COM!!!The Italian breadcrumbs aka Italian seasoned Croutons is what I used and added a tasty amount of honey bbq sauce bout 1/4cp. I only used 1.0lb ground. Kids were sure to declare their dislike for meatloaf period!Well not after tonight, they loved it and no more dad loaf its mom loaf for here forward!!!thanks for the great ideas!

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Anonymous September 30, 2015

I have made this twice...first time by the recipe second tine was what i had around. I used 1lb of ground pork, 1lb of lean ground beef, 1lb of 75/25 ground beef, no ketchup, a whole medium chopped onion, 2 cups of italian style bread crumbs and a whole packet of onion soup mix...honestly both ways were great but the second one was outstanding. My family arent huge tomatoe product fans. Cooked it the same way and all. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

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Bryan R. September 09, 2015

Excellent Italian flavored meat loaf. I used Italian Bread Crumbs for the breadcrumbs, Homemade Dry Onion Soup Mix for the soup mix, and Pan Release, Professional Pan Coating (Better Than Pam Spray!) to grease the pan instead of cooking spray. Served it with Roasted Potatoes. Made a one quarter inch slice all around the middle of the potato so it would break in half easily after baking. A side of cole slaw and dinner was on! Thanks for posting. Another 'keeper'.

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foodtvfan February 14, 2007

We really liked this meatloaf. My girls thought it was great! It was very easy. This recipes serves at least 12 people, though. But that's OK; I like leftover meatloaf. Thanks.

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CaramelPie September 19, 2006