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Wow.. Mean Chef.. This was awesome! I used an oven stuffer roaster chicken. I put the brine and the chicken in a 2-gallon Zip Lock bag and then set it all in a soup pot to hold it in the refrigerator. I halved the recipe for the brine since I used a chicken instead of a turkey. This was the most moist chicken I've ever had. It didn't taste like I thought it would. I expected it to taste like teriyaki because of the ingredients in the marinade.. but IT DIDN'T! It was just so beautifully browned and delicious. I left it in the brine for 2 1/2 days and then let it sit in the refrigerator to dry for 1/2 day. I am certainly going to do this again. I think I'll even do my chicken pieces this way too. Thanks Mean Chef. :)

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luvmybge November 16, 2002

There just isn't a better way to prepare a turkey than to "brine it" prior to cooking. This is an excellent brine - one I'll likely use for my Thanksgiving turkey this year. I tried it on a turkey breast and the results were terrific.

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Bogey'sMom October 29, 2002

This made a fabulous turkey. I had a 15-pounder in the freezer so I thawed it in the fridge for a couple days first. Then I made the brine exactly as posted and dropped the turkey in, brined for 3 days, turning as instructed. I roasted the brined bird in my large Nesco (with an onion, carrot, celery stalk inside - ala Joy of Cooking). It was falling-apart moist and tender and the flavor imparted by the brine makes a plain ol' turkey something very special. Oh, btw, MC - I did end up making soup with the remains - thumbs up!! Probably will never prepare a turkey any other way again! Thanks, Meanie!

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KeyWee April 23, 2003

You don't have to let the bird dry in the refrigerator to get a nicely browned skin. Get out your hair dryer and dry the bird in jig time!

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rodpederson June 17, 2015

This was our first time ever brining. We normally have a stuffed turkey for the holidays, but this year it was just 3 of us so we purchased a whole bone-in turkey breast and made Mama Mac's Very Moist Sage Dressing on the side. The brine is very easy to do, and we placed it with the turkey breast into a 2.5 gallon ziploc bag and then into a pot to marinade for 2 days, then dried as directed for about 8 hours. While the brine made for a nice, moist turkey, it was too sweet for us, and the left overs were a bit firm and rubbery. Thank you for sharing Mean's recipe, but we feel we will revert to the old fashioned 'stuffed and roasted' bird for the holidays.

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2Bleu November 29, 2008

I have used this recipe 3 years running for thanksgiving and plan on using it again this year. It is the best I have ever used!

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etandress November 19, 2007

On vacation, I needed a brine that used ingredients I had on hand, and what a great suprise this was! It worked very well. I didn't have bay leaves, but it turned out perfect anyways. For aromatics I put a half an onion and a red apple in the cavity.

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AKillian24 January 01, 2007

I'd never cooked a Turkey before and was quite nervous about it but this turned out beautifully. My Turkey was 6.6 kilo and I left him in the brine for 3 days bringing him out, drying him off and leaving him in the fridge overnight before cooking. I used table salt and cut it back to half. I cooked him on a rack in the fan forced oven for about 3 hours on 160C - 180C using my meat thermometer to ensure he was up to cooked temperature. I have a new oven so kept a good eyeon the heat. This is a really moist, flavourful turkey and I will definitely use this recipe again.

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Jewelies December 27, 2006

Absolutely wonderful! I used this brine for my first-ever turkey this Thanksgiving. I normally don't eat turkey because I don't like the taste, find it too dry, etc, but this TURKEY was incredible, thanks to the Maple Brine! I made myself shrimp, since I don't normally eat turkey, but I ended up eating the turkey and NOT the shrimp! A+++

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Mrs.R December 05, 2006

Fabulous, we have been smoking turkeys for years and have never found a brine that we thought actually did anything special. Well, this is it! Just by the smell of it we knew it was it. I was tempted to get out a straw and sip a little. Anyway, the turkey only sat in the brine for about 12 hours because thats all the time we had. My husband then stuffed it with oranges, pears, onions and hickory smoked bacon and then smoked it with cherry wood for about 15 hours. WONDERFUL, it was his best ever. Thanks so much!

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HeidiSue November 26, 2006
Mean Chef's Maple Brine