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Unique and absolutely delicious! Let me say that I did make some subs- I used 9oz whole wheat pastry flour instead of AP, used about 3/4 turbanado sugar and 1/4 Sucanat, and used soymilk instead of milk. Still terrific. It turned out very tender with a delightful buttery flavor. I originally had planned to make this with Lime, Orange or Lemon Curd Lime, Orange or Lemon Curd(we made lemon curd), but we ate all the curd before I got around to making this. So, I didn't have any curd to top it with it, but I still really enjoyed it. The lemon flavor in the loaf is fairly mild- I would say it is about equal with the caraway flavor. All the spices balance incredibly well. I like using lots of spices and love recipes that use them in unusual way. As I was eating, I kept thinking that the caraway might be a bit too strong, but it really does go very well. It rose beautifully and is a very pretty loaf. I forgot to flour my pan, but it still came out just fine. I did cut mine with a serrated bread knife, but found that it was not too tender to the point of falling apart. I had no problem cutting very thin or quite thick pieces. Either way, though, this cake really melts in your mouth and is bursting with unusual flavor. I really appreciated that this wasn't too sweet. We enjoyed it for breakfast, but for something special I am sure that the recommended lemon curd would make this just great. Really enjoyed this. Thanks, Mean.

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Roosie December 15, 2004
Mean Chef's Lemon Tea Cake