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Oh yum! These are so good! They are perfect in my book. I'm a self confessed muffin junkie. I LOVE muffins! And these are right up there with my favorites. Very quick and easy to put together, great for a morning treat. The batter generously filled 12 muffin cups, and 2 ramekins as well. The ones in the muffin pan took exactly 20 minutes, and the 2 ramekins took about 25 minutes. They came out of the pan perfectly, I never use muffin papers, just always grease the pan. Very, very good muffins that the whole family loves! Thanks Mean!

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ciao February 13, 2004

These muffins are AMAZING! I love how the cornmeal contrasts with the tart sweetness of the cherries. I had enough batter left over after making 12 regular sized muffins to make several mini muffins for the kids. These will be regulars at our house. Thank you!

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Daphne2002 March 10, 2003

The flavor was really good. I guess you have to be more talented than me to make a Mean Chef recipe, however. The most important point is that a 12-cup muffin tin is *not* a standard muffin tin. A standard tin holds 1/2 c. batter per muffin (meaning than a 12 muffin tin is a 6-cup tin). I didn't really make not of this as I was making this until the muffins spilled over in the oven. There was no failsafe in step 10 because the recipe doesn't state how full the cups should be. I was also frustrated that the recipe doesn't say how long to bake, but my gigantor muffins were done in 23 minutes. I also had two other issues that were entirely my fault and, oddly, didn't seem to affect the flavor or results. 1. I didn't have enough cornmeal left. I didn't measure because I knew it was less than a cup, but it was probably about 3/4 cup. 2. The highest fat milk I had in the house was 2%.

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evewitch January 23, 2011

Really good! I used dried cranberries and oil for the melted butter. After reading other reviews, I made 2/3 of a batch which filled my muffin tin perfectly. I baked them about 17 minutes (but my oven runs hot).

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sparkle_eyes October 28, 2008

These muffins are sooo yummy!! My 16 yr old daughter couldn't quit eating them. I would never have thought of putting dried cherries in a corn muffin, but it is very nice. These muffins go great with a nice spicy bowl of soup or chili, the sweetness is a perfect contrast to a spicy dish. I used whole wheat pastry flour when I made mine, so mine weren't quite as yellow as the picture, but they were still very pretty. Thanks for the post!! :)

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lovestoeat October 18, 2007

Dried cherries are a nice addition to corn muffins - thanks Bliss.

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Recipe Reader October 07, 2007

These have a very good flavor, not too sweet and the cherries give just the right touch. Although I could remove these from the pan without problems, the texture tended to crumble and fall apart when handling, which was a little messy and had me picking at crumbs like a bird. Also, I found this recipe would make 1 1/2-2 dozen normal sized muffins, so if someone doesn't have the extra pan or time, they might consider cutting the recipe in half.

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Sue Lau July 23, 2004

These are so yummy! I followed the recipe exactly, filled my muffin cups full and baked about 21 minutes or so, resulting in beautiful crowned muffins. I also had batter left over and made some mini-muffins with the extra. I will definitely make these again. Thanks!!

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Zewbiedoo June 27, 2004

These muffins were a perfect treat after a Saturday morning spent walking around the neighbourhood, checking out yard sales. They were both fast and easy to mix up, and went very well with a cup of tea and some cheddar cheese. I took a cue from the other reviewers, who indicated this made a lot of batter: I used just one-third of this recipe, and it filled a 6-cup muffin pan completely. I had to give the muffins a few extra minutes, but after the longer cooking time they were perfect. The only changes I made, besides cutting the ingredients back, were both out of necessity: I used canola oil instead of the melted butter (I'm out of butter--sheesh--I'm never out of butter), and I used 10% cream instead of the whole milk (I only had 1% milk on hand). Thanks for posting; I'll be making these frequently.

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Lennie May 15, 2004
Mean Chef's Dried Cherry Corn Muffins