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I've used this same recipe for the past two Thanksgiving dinners... it is easily the BEST turkey I have ever made. The flavor combination is incredible, not too strong, just a hint of sweetness and a lovely aroma from the citrus and ginger. I have skipped the drying-out-overnight process with no discernable difference in skin crispness... just make sure to dry the bird well. One note: The skin gets very brown because of the sugar in the brine... looks like a magazine cover! Just don't let that fool you into thinking the bird is done too early.

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Tracy K March 29, 2002

This was fabulous!!! I brined a bone in pork loin roast this weekend and roasted it to 160 degrees (internal temperature). It was the best - no question. Moist and flavorful - no sauce or gravy required. Thanks so much for a terrific recipe.

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MsKittyKat October 13, 2002

There's not much to say. This is my favorite brine, I use it on chicken and turkey and I believe it produces the best turkey you've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Try it. If you are using it for a chicken, just cut the recipe in half. It should be noted that I believe I gave this recipe to Mean, and that it came out of Weber's Art of the Grill cookbook, one of my favorite grilling books.

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P4 December 09, 2002

On November 28, 2002, I celebrated Thanksgiving for the 29th time. I have eaten 28 drier turkeys than this one. Need I say more? Mean Chef, your recipes are just about fail-safe - thank you so much for taking the time to share.

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Mille® December 02, 2002

Finally, I know that I will never have to suffer through another dry turkey. We followed the recipe exactly, allowing our 19 pound turkey to sit in the brine for about 24 hours. We washed and dried the turkey and allowed it to sit for another 3 hours. We then cooked it in a clay pot following the cooking directions that came with the clay pot. The turkey was moist, the skin was a beautiful bronze color, and the ginger flavor was really prominent. The most astounding thing was the drippings that were in the bottom of the pot. Almost like a turkey demi-glace, it was thick and rich. We just skimmed off the fat, added a beurre manie and a bit of milk to tone down the salt. It made a terrific gravy. We'll be using this method, perhaps this recipe for years! Thank you for sharing.

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Akikobay November 28, 2002

This was outstanding! I followed the directions exactly, and this turkey was the best I ever had or anybody else at the party ever had. I served this on Chrismas. I made the turkey the night before, because I need my oven on Christmas day for the ham and all the other stuff. I will never eat turkey without brining it ever again. It did not need salt or gravy. I made a 14 pound turkey and every bit of it was GONE...no leftovers! Usually I have a ton of leftover turkey. I regret every other turkey I have ever made. It was very easy to do, and not too expensive. This recipe was probably the best thing I've ever found on this site. If you are thinking about brining a turkey, stop thinking and just do it. You'll never go back to dry, bland turkey ever again.

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Kiss*My*Tiara December 27, 2002

I brined a 7 lb. pork loin roast for approx. 36 hours and cooked to an internal temp of 170 (Julia Child suggests 180-185). It was perfect with juice literally gushing from the roast. Taste and appearance were also superior.

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mikeyp December 16, 2002

Let me add to the rave reviews....I brined our Thanksgiving turkey and it was wonderful.Very juicy and moist.It smelled divine as it was cooking.The meat was flavorful,as Tracy said, with just a hint of sweetness,it was perfect.

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Divinemom5 December 02, 2002

WOW!! This iwas my first time using a brine for our Thanksgiving turkey. The white meat was so moist and tender and everything had a wonderful flavor. I'm now a believer!! Yippee. Thanks!

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Kathy :-( November 28, 2002

First time briner and now a briner groupie. I followed your directions exactly and soaked our 12 pound turkey for almost 48 hours. I rinsed my turkey out and placed on a rack to dry for about 20 minutes. The end result was a golden/bronze turkey with moist, luscious, flavorful meat. The meat had a slightly sweet flavor with subtle overtones of orange, ginger, bay leaves, and garlic (difficult to pick out any one). I poured off the fat from the drippings and made a simple gravy that had a slightly sweet flavor (my oldest is very picky and still enjoyed the gravy). Thanks for a wonderful Christmas turkey!

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Caryn January 01, 2003
Mean Chef's Apple Brine