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I am only giving this recipe 3 stars for a few reasons. I would probably only give it 2 stars, but DH really liked this dish, which means I will probably make it again when in a crunch. Also, the potatoes didnt fully cook through, and the meat got pretty black on the top, and was crispy. I think that the casserole being covered while cooking would help this alot. It also didnt have a whole lot of flavor, and I think the next time I make it, I will add some garlic, oregano, and maybe a little bit of mustard powder into the juice. The pictures I took are before I threw it in the oven, although I will be putting some of the final product on here as well. Thanks!

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~*Miss Diggy*~ January 07, 2007

Very good casserole that is pure comfort food! Next time I may add some garlic and/or use V-8 juice (instead of the tomato juice I used this time). Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ June 11, 2005
Meal-in-one Casserole