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This recipe, as it comes from the package with no changes, is also marvelous with pork chops! In fact, I started making it with pork chops right off the bat, and haven't even made it with chicken yet! I have been using it for some time now, and it's a frequent family favorite. I can't find the card tonight, so I came here to see if I could find the recipe online. I've made it often enough I can almost do it from memory, but I don't want to mess up on the spices, because, like I said, as it is written right off the package, it's great, and I don't want to make any changes. Try it with 3 or 4 bone in pork chops sometime, or double the recipe to make more than that.

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Shari D57 June 11, 2013

You are a life saver!! We are in the middle of moving and the recipe card was already in storage. This is such a quick easy meal, and I almost always have everything on hand to throw it together. We serve it with the Mexican rice by potscrubber (#117892). It's delicious! My father in law went back for more 3 times last night! I usually add some cumin and a sprinkle of sugar to help out the tomato. Thanks again for putting it up!

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Post & Cheeses June 05, 2013

This was really good! Nice and spicy, I used "Smoked Paprika" instead of the package and I am telling you the smokey flavor along with the spicyness just made for a wonderful meal. Must try, I followed the recipe on the packet with the exception of the paprika. Next time I will try the fire roasted tomatoes. Worth it!

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guineapigzrock January 29, 2012
Mccormick's Spanish Chicken Skillet