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This is rich, kind of messy to make (my only complaint) however it is so much LESS expensive than $7.00 on heavy-duty deep conditioning products. If you have some left over, you can just refridgerate it - but MAKE SURE YOU LABLE IT! I came home late one night to find my host dad spreading this left over mixture on his midnight snack sandwich! Eww! So lable it as "Hair Conditioner". Oh by the way, while this is on your hair, you can also use this on your extra dry skin too (face, elbows, hands)

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Mimi Bobeck July 15, 2003

I really loved this and so did my friend(I doubled the recipe and made a batch for her as well) as this was easy to make, cheaper than store bought stuff and ready in no time, plus it worked wonderfully on my hair which is dry. My hair felt wonderfully soft and clean after I used this. I had refrigerated this for several hours before using it on my hair, face and hands and that way I enjoyed it even more on this hot summer day. It makes the skin soft as well after washing this off. Thank you for yet another great recipe!

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Charishma_Ramchandani July 27, 2003

This didn't turn out as well as I thought, but it did feel good that I was doing something for myself. Perhaps I had let the hair get "too" dry. I'll try it again as the receipe seems sensible. Thank you.. you're a sweetheart!!

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Jitter_Bug September 23, 2004
Mayo and Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment