Mayfair Salad Dressing

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Mayfair Salad Dressing from the Mayfair Hotel

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  1. A St. Louis tradition. Use a food processor to make dressing.
  2. Blanche onion and celery very briefly (5-10 seconds) in boiling water and drain.
  3. Combine everything except eggs and oil in processor and blend for 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. Add egg and blend again.
  5. Then, with processor on, slowly dribble in oil to make creamy mayonnaise type dressing.
  6. run processor until dressing is very smooth.
  7. Correct salt and pepper seasoning.
  8. This will keep for a week or so if covered tightly and refrigerated.
  9. If Parmesan cheese is used in salad, do not add until the salad is tossed with dressing.
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It's wonderful!!. We have been making this receipt of Mayfair dressing for more than 20 years. My parents visited your restaurant and were given the ingredients many years ago. It's about the only dressing used in our house! thanks again.!!

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The BEST anchovie based dressing I have found to date, bar none.

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A family traditon for 15 years was going to St Louis on Thanksgiving. Our family always stayed at the Mayfair Hotel. The Hauf Brau served this salad as well as the main dining room. 30 years later and I find the recipe. What joy it brought when I made it and found it to be the true dressing. I have seen many others but they were always lacking something. This one hit it right on the mark. I live on the east coast now and all my neighbors have had a taste of this ambrosia. It's my soul comfort food.