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This is being Posted for ZWT 5 as part of the Mexico Salsa Challenge as a shared recipe. This a one spicy hot kick butt salsa just like team Zaar Chow Hounds. Each ingredient represents a team member. Onion= Mand1642 a lovely addition to any dish and very versatile. Tomatoes = Kumquat cause she loves them and the colour red and she can turn saucy LOL. Cilantro =Wigal our outdoorsy gal that loves to hike up the flavour of many Mexican dishes. Garlic = Lazychef2 she loves garlic and adds great taste to any meal. Haberno chilis= wicked cook 46 she is hot as in hot flashes but watch out she has an nasty kick. Lime juice= Ice Cool Kitty hails from Hawaii where you put the lime in the coconut . Tequila = Sarah jayne watch out for this one she sneaks up on you and makes you forget your name . Black Olives = mommy2 peanuts . Cumin= Pneuma one spicy gal . Sweet red peppers=cookiejarvis. salt = kumama since she is a Grandmother and they are the salt of the Earth NOTE: wear gloves when dealing with peppers. You can cut back on the amount of peppers to lessen the heat and toss the seeds for less heat.You can also use a different pepper depending on how hot you like. Habernos are HOT !!!! Amount is approximate

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  1. Add all ingreients in a bowland mix well.
  2. Let sit for at least two hours for the flavours to meld.
  3. Serve with your favorite nachos or Mexican meal.
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"Wicked" Salsa! Allot of heat here. i omitted the tequila and added 3 cloves of crushed garlic. I really enjoyed the cumin in this. Will make again. Thank you! [Made and reviewed for NZ/AUS recipe swap #29, June 2009].

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Loved this salsa! DH is always requesting spicy salsa with his dinner, and this fit the bill perfectly. I was afraid that the four habs would make it unbearably hot, but it was just the perfect heat (spicy, but not deadly). I did seed them, though, because I was too chicken to leave in all the seeds. I used some nice Kalamatas for the olives, because I didn't have any plain ripe olives in the house, but I think that the brininess of the Kalamatas was very complementary to the rest of the flavors in the salsa. I used an orange bell pepper in place of the red because that's what was in the crisper drawer). I did find that I needed more than 1/4 tsp salt (maybe 3/4 tsp), but we like more salt in our salsas anyhow (lime juice seems to cut the salt taste in salsa, for some reason). I will absolutely be making this salsa again! Great team effort, thanks for posting such a great salsa! Made for ZWT5

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We really enjoyed this salsa! I used 3 large habaneros as I like mine spicy hot. The tomatoes were seeded before they were diced. I see I forgot to add the black olives but I did add the zest from the lime. This was nice with or without the tequila. I used Jose Cuervo when I made mine. Served with Corazones w/a squeeze of lime and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. I think I'd like to use some of the juice from the salsa in a Bloody Mary. I will make this one again!! Made during * Zaar World Tour 5* 2009 game for team *Genies of Gourmet*