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I cooked this for Thanksgiving and want to give a few tips as I made mistakes that would be easy to do, and not through any fault of the recipe the way it is written. It woudl have been awesome if I had first, used REGULAR cornbread. I used Jiffy which has sugar in it therefore it was SWEET dressing. So think about the dressings you've liked in the past, and if they weren't sweet, just good and flavorful, make sure to use regular cornmeal. Last, my family likes our dressing very moist, not the kind that hardens once it cools so that you have to cut it in squares. Well, even though I added 3 c. of chicken broth and it seemed to be moist at that stage, it wasn't close to being moist after it cooked! So make sure to bring the dressing to an almost runny consitency, more like a thin casserole and less like a cake batter, if you want it to be soft and moist once cooked. Moist really shouldn't describe what you are trying to attain anyway. It can be moist at many levels. I think the distinction here should be: do you want it to scoop out EASILY like a squash casserole, or do you want it so firm you'll need a knife that can cut it into squares. if you want more of the casserole consistency, you'll need 4-6 c. of broth, no less! And keep in mind this won't be runny, but will be just way softer and lighter than if you put less broth! Bottom line, this dressing is awesome - so do it towards your own tastes.

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pmwoodward December 01, 2009

Excellent recipe! I sauted the celery and onions first and used homemade cornbread to tatal 12 cups. This tastes just like the dressing I had when I was a kid at home. LOVE IT.

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schollsusan November 27, 2010

I made this recipe this last Thanksgiving, and it was my very first attempt at making one of the most important dishes of the meal, it turned out great!!! I got many compliments, and have made it twice since for my husband who loves it. I did end up using 6 cups of broth the first time, which made it almost too moist, so I lessened it to somewhere around 4 1/2 - 5 cups of broth, and it was awesome! If I can make this, anyone can!

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curlyque83 March 19, 2011

yummy!! this is the closest recipe to my mamaw's dressing. i made this for thanksgiving with a few changes. i used 2 different kinds of cornbread (jiffy and marie callender's), biscuits and pepperadge farms seasoned bread cubes. i omitted the green onion and sauteed my red onion, celery and garlic along with a drained large can of chicken (mamaw always did). i also added way more pepper. i also stir the dressing a few times while baking. anyway, this recipe is a keeper. we loved it!! like i said, tasted just like mamaw's! will be making this every thanksgiving! thanks for posting!

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KPD December 26, 2009

I made this for Thanksgiving and it was such a hit! I made half of it in the bird and baked the other half out of it and they were both delicious! They made great left overs too!

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CinderSarah February 16, 2009

This is now my favorite dressing. It seems every year I try a new dressing and I have made some good dressing, but this reminds me of how mom used to make it and that makes it the best yet! Thank you for sharing this great recipe. It is a keeper.. This has ended my hunt for dressing like mom used to make!

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MelinOhio November 24, 2007

Great dressing! Only thing I would change is perhaps to use a low-sodium broth, and omit the tsp of salt, as it was just a tad salty for our tastes. Otherwise, a definate keeper! Thanks for posting this! :)

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Kasey'sMom November 24, 2007

This is pretty much the way I make dressing, which I learned from my mother and grandmother. Sometimes I leave out the biscuits, and it's fine without them. You can also use croutons in place of bread crumbs. I don't use green onions, and I use poultry seasoning instead of parsley and sage. IMO, it's just not Thanksgiving without this! Thanks for posting!

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JeriBinNC November 22, 2007

This was WONDERFUL dressing. Just perfect! Because it was a new recipe, I made it a few weeks ago to give it a test run to make sure I wanted to use it for Thanksgiving. I am glad I did, because the first time I used a cornbread that was too sweet and it ruined the dressing. This time I used a cornbread with NO sugar and it was PERFECT! Make SURE you don't use a sweet cornbread and you will have a 5 Star Winner!!!

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LizP November 23, 2006

Wonderful Dressing! I did not use the breadcrumbs, just added more cornbread and biscuits. I also sauteed the celery and onions in lots of butter before adding. This is an excellent recipe. Will make again and again!

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NicoleWinning November 21, 2006
Maw Maw's Thanksgiving Dressing