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Maultaschens have been in my family for many generations. It was a special thing for my mom to make these around a holiday time to remind of our heritage. My Dad is German from the Alsace region, and my mother was French from the Alsace/Lorraine region. The recipe was passed from my fathers side.We always made them with ground beef and pork with the parsely and egg, but added chopped onion and celery to meat paste. then we spread the meatpaste onto the dough and made pinwheels and cut them and dropped them into simmering/just below boiling broth, of beef broth with canned tomatoes and celery, onion , and garlic. Like the recipe says, you eat them with broth the first day, then the second day, you fry onions and pour the onions over them, and serve them with German mustard. Just remember... roll the dough fairly thin , otherwise they are really "doughy" and loose the balance of meat with dough in broth. We also made a vegetarian version with a spinach paste and boiled in tomatoe broth and it was wonderful. Either way, the original or vegetarian, is sooooo good , everyone should try to make them at least once!

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Peggy Ulrich April 20, 2002

I have been looking for a recipe for what my family has always called "Mulldasher". I believe this must be it. My grandmother made this , and then my mother. It was always a favorite. Our version includes ground beef, parsley, onion, and cinnamon. Now I know the True German name!! Thanks.

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Carol3 January 12, 2002
Maultaschen (Swabian Pockets)