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This is so delicious! The aromas of the roasting peppers and then the simmering peppers, tomatoes, and garlic were faboulous! Thanks for a great recipe!

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*sweetomato* September 26, 2008

have made this twice now and can highly reccommend it. the first time i made exactely as written... it was the first time i had prepared an israeli dish and was curious as to what it was like. the second time i used roma tomatoes as, the first time the tomatoes i used went to mush then nothing (british tomatoes in winter i am afraid). I found with the roma tomatoes, second time round it was better. Second time I also added a teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of good quality balsamic vinegar but ommitted the paprika and it was very good. we used it as a type of condiment (immagine a sweet pepper chutney). i think it would be good on bruschetta topped with mozzarella. really glad i tried it. thanks

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scimietta99 February 16, 2008