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Had a friend staying that loves parsnips, also had someone here not too fond of them SOooooo along came this great recipe. I would call it a cold weather recipe but it went over well here in the Summer. I did cut back on the butter and used only a half cup 2% milk. Loved the blended flavors of the onion, parsnip and potatoe - Thanks Debster

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Bergy July 14, 2002

Liked the sound of this recipe from the start, am always looking for new ways to serve potatoes. I used parsnips (have only ever mixed with carrots) and the result with the potatoes is really good, quite a sweet taste. The best part was my 18 year old ate the lot, its usually only potatoes he eats, but now I have a 'sneaky' way to add parsnips too! Will definitely make this again. Thanks for posting. =)

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Evie* June 02, 2002

We really liked the addition of caramelized onions to mashed potatoes. We love rosemary in potatoes and were intrigued with the parsnip addition. It was good, but not exceptional - for our tastes. Maybe next time just a hint of parnsip and we'll be good to go!

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Gidget265 December 21, 2008

Such an amazing recipe as THIS certainly needs more than 2 reviews! I am not, and never have been, a mashed potatoes person. I grew up in an ethnicly pure Swedish family, so boiled red potatoes with butter and dill were the only way we ate potatoes. But, bowing to the demands of friends and family, who DO love mashed potatoes, I went to RecipeZaar to find something to please everyone. This recipe is a 5 star stunner! The taste of the caramelized onions is subliime and exotic, and the quantity made yields enough leftovers to enjoy for at least one meal afterward. Two notes: I used only TWO onions, Vidahlia, and that was certainly enough. Secondly, to properly caramelize onions, you need a very low heat and LOTS of time! It took 1 hour and 5 minutes for my onions to caramelize...not the 15 minutes listed. If you heat the onions too fast, they'll BROWN, not caramelize. Be aware of this when you make the recipe or you'll run out of preparation time, if serving this with a meal. But, aside from that small point, this is the ONLY mashed potato recipe that I'll ever bother to make or eat! :)

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The_Swedish_Chef September 24, 2006
Mashed Potatoes With Parsnips and Caramelized Onions