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very good put in alittle less sour cream added 3 tablespoons of butter and 2 tablespoons of the bacon fat even I would say they were the best mashed potatoes I ever made

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gaatag April 01, 2012

I have made these ages ago & several times, but never had a chance to review. Delicious. It would have been delicious "as is" but I made some changes based on what ingredients I had at home. Instead of the chives I used some softened onions; no parsley so omitted that, & have used both sour cream & Greek style yogurt on different occasions. The only other change I made was to mash with the skins still on; it doesn't make for a pretty mash, but the skins are nutritious, flavoursome & add fibre. This is a definite keeper & another reason to love bacon & spuds! :-)

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MrsSPheonix July 07, 2012

Loved the inclusion of the garlic when cooking the potatoes added just the right amount of flavour (I cooked the equivalent of 3 large potatoes using chat [baby] potatoes as that was all I had left after finding out my large ones had a rotten one amongst them phewwwwww, but kept all other amounts the same but used just garlic chives snipped from the garden (no parsley) and just a little sliced spring onion I had left over from the night before. The DM gobbled up the lot which was a shock because lately she has refused to eat mash unless it is sweet potatoe. Thank you Jan and Russell, great recipe, made for Edition 7 - Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat February 17, 2009

Very good ! We did think that the sour cream taste was a little too prominant and would like to have seen more bacon in it, so would personally tweek for these points, but even "potatoes-will-never-be-as-good-as-pasta" DH liked it and agreed that we should make this again with our few tweeks. We were heavy on the chives.. one tablespoon not being a lot of lovers of strong flavours but folowed the recipe for the rest. Please see my Rating System: 4 wonderful stars for a recipe that we will be happy to make again with a few alterations to suit our personal preferences. Thanks!

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kiwidutch January 08, 2009

This was really good! I cooked the potatoes the night before and warmed them up before the finish. I did add extra bacon and garlic because we are "loud" flavor lovers of garlic. I will be makin" these again for just DH and me and for family gatherings! Thanks for a good recipe!

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jopenny33 February 06, 2008
Mashed Potatoes With Garlic and Bacon