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I served this with turkish dumplings (manti), and the two went fabulously well together. I spooned yogurt-garlic sauce (1 cup plain yogurt, 1 T minced garlic) and vegetable oil infused with red pepper (heated 1 T crushed red pepper in 3 T veg oil on low heat until the oil had changed color) onto both the dumplings and the mashed potatoes. Yum! In the end, I opted to give this four rather than five stars, though, because while it is fabulous with other middle eastern dishes, when you eat it all on its own, I don't think it is any better than traditional mashed potatoes. It is hard to beat a whole lot of milk and butter!

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chaboinga August 27, 2010

These mashed potatoes were a great surprise! They look the same as traditional mash, but the taste is so distinctly meditterranean. I added a little olive oil in place of the butter in my recipe, and still got excellent reviews.

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Krista Phillips July 18, 2006

This was such a great potato dish to serve with a middle eastern meal! I didn't use a food processor but mashed by hand instead. Next time I might add a bit more tahini, but that might be because I was using huge potatoes! I also needed to add a little milk to get them to the right consistency - again, I think size has a lot to do with it! I doubled the garlic and was very happy with the flavour - thanks for posting!

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currybunny October 18, 2005

Re-rated for the Zaar World Tour. All of my favorite ingredients stirred up into a big pot and eaten with sheer delight! Even better if prepared with your own homemade tahini. Thank you for posting this delicious recipe, lemoncurd! ;) cg P.S. {{LOVED}} the sumak added into the dressing! MMMMMMMmmmm!! I would not whip the potatoes in a food processor, the texture could be ruined and potatoes turn glutinous.

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COOKGIRl October 16, 2005

What a taste sensation! An absolutely wonderful blend of flavours. As a hummus lover, I’d have to agree with lemoncurd’s summing up of this dish: that “it’s like eating hummus but with a more subtle flavour”. I love all the ingredients in this recipe separately, but brought together: WOW! Words just fail me! This was my introduction to sumak, so in making this recipe I also discovered a wonderful new-to-me Middle Eastern ingredient! Three of us ate or – rather more accurately – totally devoured this with my Salata Arabieh Salata Arabieh and crusty bread. If you love Middle Eastern dishes, this is a must-make dish. I’ll be making this OFTEN! Thank you so much for sharing it, lemoncurd!

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bluemoon downunder October 14, 2005
Mashed Potato With Tahini