Mashed Potato - Extra Tasty and so Easy

Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 30 mins

This is cheap, tasty and fairly quick. Good for having with bangers (uk word for sausages)


  1. The most important part is to cook the potatoes really well, lumpy mash is horrid!
  2. Peel, cut into small pieces (cooks quicker and more evenly) and transfer to a bowl when cooked.
  3. Boil the carrots until they are a little over boiled (mushy) in little chunks while hot sprinkle over the pepper.
  4. add the butter.
  5. add a little of the milk.
  6. start to blend with the electric device.
  7. add more milk gradullly.
  8. turn into a really smooth paste (okay not too smooth!).
  9. Add the carotts and blend well.
  10. finally, spoon in the horseradish at the end but never add the horserdish to the blender.
  11. Spoon it in very gently and not too much mixing.
  12. The less combined it is the tastier it will be (trust me).


Most Helpful

Wonderful. The carrots give a nice, different taste. I like mashed potatos with milk, not cream. The mix is lighter with milk. I used just a touch horseradish and it was very pleasant. DH is the one who slathers horseradish on everything. This is a good combination.

Countrywife March 26, 2003

sounds bloody lovely mate no cream? whyever not?

Stephen Dunne March 24, 2003

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