Mashed Cauliflower

Total Time
10 mins
20 mins

Healthy way to eat mashed potatoes, fools people. Really yummy!

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  1. Cut up cauliflower and potato into 1 inch pieces. Peel garlic, keep whole. Add all to pot and fill with water to cover.
  2. Boil until paring knife goes in easily. Drain and add butter. Using an emersion blender or potato masher, mash to desired sonsistency (I prefer a little chunky). Season to taste and serve with anything you'd serve mashed potatoes with.
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Delicious! I like the added potato to give the mashed cauliflower some 'oomph'. After mashing I put the mixture into a buttered casserole dish, topped with seasoned crumbs and baked in the oven until the top was lightly browned. Certainly a keeper. Thanks!

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This really was just like mashed potatoes. If you are trying to get veggies into a picky eaters meal, this is definitely a great idea! I could taste the cauliflower but I think it was only because I knew. Next time I will add shredded cheese and garlic at the end for a different twist. Thanks Stephaknee! (I know the picture is not the best but I tried! :) )