Mashed Banana and Nutella Sandwich

READY IN: 7mins
Recipe by SalmonBelly

this is the ultimate comfort food for me..perfect for chilly sunday morning, with a cup of milk tea.. :) tip : always use overriped banana, it wont mashed really well if you use unripe banana

Top Review by KellyMae

Easy and quick. Was good but not outstanding. Used frozen multigrain bread. Spread one with nutella and one with mashed banana. Flopped them together and placed in a preheated skillet. Didn't butter the outsides as I don't like the greasiness of it in my sandwiches. Cooked until slightly browned on each side. I had as a late evening snack.

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  1. heat skillet or griddle pan.
  2. mash the banana until gooey.
  3. butter 1 side of the toast.
  4. flip toasts to the other side (butter side down).
  5. spread the mashed banana on 2 piece of toasts.
  6. spread nutella to other pieces of toast.
  7. stack them on top of each other (this would yield 2 sandwiches).
  8. toast the sandwiches 1 min each side, or until golden.
  9. repeat opposite side.
  10. serve and enjoy -- :).

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