Mascarpone-filled Figs or Apricots With Amaretto

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Figs stuffed with mascarpone cheese are a classic late-summer dessert in Italy. If you can't find mascarpone, substitute with cream cheese.

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  1. Blend mascarpone, sour cream and confectioners’ sugar in food processor until smooth.
  2. Cut deep slit in each fig; squeeze gently to open; spoon cheese mixture into each fig or mound on each apricot half; sprinkle with nuts, then cinnamon; drizzle amaretto over and serve.
Most Helpful

I used for this recipe the last figs form the November!
If the fall is mild, we get the real figs only now and not like in Greece in August.
These figs were small (only one inch sized), very sweet and dry.
For the cream I used "Philadelphia balance" adding sugar and amaretto dirctly in the cream.
Topped with pinenuts and cinnamon were delicious. Like small "truffles" and real jewels.
Evelyn, thanks a lot for this dream recipe!

awalde November 21, 2011

Summer bliss! I used crushed amarettis for the pine nuts and a tad more sugar.

rosslare September 21, 2011

Between recommendations from Evelyn and Toolie, I had to try these. Imagaine a table with a tray of Mrs. G's Cherries with Sour cream and Brown sugar, Bowls Ev's Strawberries and melon in Marsala, and a tray of these--figs and apricots with mascarpone and amaretto--summer dessert heaven!

Chef Kate July 15, 2006