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Loved the brownie part-definitely one of the best brownies I have made! Made a half batch, baked in 9 inch square pan a bit less than 25 minutes. But my sauce did not turn out like photos elsewhere on web showcasing this recipe-I followed the directions for making sauce to the letter and it was very heavy and bumpy-not pourable. So I refrigerated it thinking I would figure out why. The next day the oil had separated from the chocolate so I did some research on oil separating and followed advice I found. I warmed some additional cream while rewarming the sauce. I did not measure how much warm cream that I ended up using, I slowly added the warm cream. Guessing it might have been a 1/4 cup and it still was not a smooth pourable sauce. Then I looked at SPACHE THE SPATULA and culinography.wordpress.com web sites where you see pictures posted of recipe WITH sauce and found what might be my problem? Both sites said to use semisweet chocolate not unsweetened chocolate. Interesting that where you see a picture posted using the sauce they say they used semi sweet chocolate. Thank you Manami for sharing. Made for Dessert Event in Photo Forum.

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WiGal October 14, 2010

These brownies were awesome! However, in a 9x13 pan, 45 minutes is way too long for them. I baked them for 30 minutes, and they were still slightly overdone around the edges. Next time I will bake them for 25 minutes. There were two other changes that I made to this recipe. First, I used cake flour instead of all-purpose flour. Second I used an 8 oz bag of extra dark chocolate chips, melting 6 oz into the batter, like the recipe calls for, and throwing in the other 2 oz as chips.

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MsLizze May 20, 2008

This was a great brownie - very rich. They cut beautifully. Due to richness I did not make the sauce. Mine took 30 minutes to cook. I would like to try the sauce at some stage - it sounds like it would be lovley over icecream.

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katew January 12, 2012
Mascarpone Brownies With Honey Chocolate Sauce