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5 Stars! This makes an excellent crab cake, although it lacks ingredients commonly in Maryland crab cakes: mustard and the 2 pieces of bread normally torn in pieces, and it includes green onion and parsley. However, in a Maryland crab cake, the object is to add as little filler as possible, to showcase the crab meat, and these crab cakes deliver that. I made certain changes to make the crab cakes a healthier choice for my elderly Mom, and entered them as recipe: "Healthy Crab Cakes for My Mom" #300934. Made for PAC Sprint 2008.

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KateL April 28, 2008

Just a comment from an "original Balamoron". This has a little more "stuff" than we generally use -- but very close. DH used to work for a local, county-wide, family grocery chain, and the owner told him that the BEST "filler" was Matzo Meal - not always easily found everywhere - but truly gives a lighter, less dense (bready) consistency, and holds together beautifully ! Passover is a great time to find it in more stores.

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NurseJaney April 28, 2008
Maryland Crab Cakes