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Loved it! I doubled the recipe but used only 1 package of the strawberry jello as I did not want a really dark pink cake. It came out awsome! Oh and I also did not add strawberries to the frosting because I wanted a cleaner look to the cake. I decorated with strawberries instead. Thanks for posting!

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Chef Sarita in Austin Texas July 10, 2010

I.too, used fresh berries and I split my two layers into four using the icing between the layers and none on the edges. Served with a berry garnish also. Made for the Photo Tag.

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Julie B's Hive March 05, 2009

What a pretty and tasty cake. I used fresh strawberries and added some sliced strawberries to the middle layer of icing. Made homemade powdered sugar using 4 cups sugar plus 4 teaspoons cornstarch whizzed in my blender. I keep a batch of this on hand for recipes calling for powdered sugar, and I used butter instead of margarine. Garnished the top with whole strawberries dipped in chocolate using ellie's Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

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foodtvfan July 16, 2007
Mary or Francis's Strawberry Party Cake