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This is our family's homemade noodle recipe as well and it is excellent. We make it according to these serving sizes: 1 egg for every two people, 2 tbsp milk and 1 cup of flour per egg. So for six people you would need 3 eggs, 6 tbsp milk, and 3 cups of flour (we don't usually measure the amount of salt, just a "dash"). However we usually go a little lighter on the flour since you use a lot when rolling out the dough. Also, we cut the dough into noodles while it lays flat on the counter top. Everyone loves these noodles, my aunt has made them with roast every Sunday for most of my life! Thank you!

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MommyMakes March 30, 2005

This is a brilliant recipe! Very easy to put together. i tried rolling it by hand and it was sticky and impossible but once I used my pasta maker it was a breeze. My 2 year old had great fun making this with me. A lovely meal and a lovely family memory! ETA: to prevent having a sticky mess it is ESSENTIAL to follow step 5 and let the pasta sheets dry out a bit before cutting into strips - even if you use a pasta maker!

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npsmama October 17, 2007

I love this recipe, it's so easy and good! I don't dry them but put the noodles right in the broth of whatever I'm making at the time. Since I have a mess going anyway I usually make more and freeze on a floured cookie sheet then bag in freezer bags. So easy and quick (who doesn't have flour & eggs on hand, I can make these quicker than running to the store for Reames). I've made this recipe several times, freezes well, never a failure. I roll out and use my pizza cutter to slice (a tip from another post). Thanks Quixoposto for a wonderful recipe!

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nina22541 November 04, 2012

As the youngest of 32 in my generation of the family, it was quite an honor to be invited to Grandma and Grandpa's for Sunday dinner. I remember them calling on Saturday to ask how many were going to be there so Grandpa knew how many eggs to make. When I was about 9 my grandfather taught me to make his noodles. I quickly forgot most of it and when he died a few years later I was left wondering how I would find the recipe again. This is it!! Beyond a doubt the best noodles on earth, though I might be biased! ;) As a note, I add just a little garlic powder to my dough. It just punches up the flavor a little (one of my husband complaints about homemade noodles) Thank you for helping me reconnect!!

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their_mom December 07, 2009

I've never made noodles before and these turned out really good. I wasn't sure what to do after I cut them. I figured I was supposed to unroll them, but they didn't want to unroll. So I kind of flattened them out a bit. I think next time I'll roll them out and use the pizza slicer to cut. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. These were really fun to make.

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Lucky in Bayview December 04, 2012

Awesome! I have made noodles sporadically over the years and this is by far the best! Not only are the noodles tasty...the dough rolls out beautifully from the get-go. I did let the dough rest on the counter rolled out for 20 minutes before cutting, but used them promptly in my soup following that (no drying time) and they were dynamite. I might even be able to remember the recipe, but no worries, I definitely have this one saved!

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Janecooksswell December 01, 2012

This is exactly how I make my noodles. I boil them and then add them to my chicken broth and chicken pieces and place them in a crock pot for a couple hours to thicken up. They are delicious, my great aunt taught me how to make these.

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Cinda Lu November 05, 2011

Spot on recipe, I have made mine from scratch for years but never measured the amounts, it was helpful that was done for me and I don't dry my noodles. I can never seem to tell the difference so they go right into the boiling chicken stock. Yumm-O

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Chef Lanibobonnie October 23, 2011

So easy! Used my mixer and put them in soup.

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sugarlovinmom January 30, 2010

Excellent Recipe. If you prefer thicker noodles, you will need to double this recipe for approximately 4 hearty servings. We use chicken broth to cook them in. This makes it like my grandmother always made. This recipe has assisted us in making homemade noodles for a fourth generation (there was no original recipe, only in minds of those of past generations). Do not be afraid to add chicken, comes out wonderfully.

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998870 December 22, 2009
Marti's Homemade Noodles