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Fantastic recipe! Turned out perfect (Beware Kitchen must be cool and so must your cake or cupcakes) It never ceases to amaze me that people have the gall to give a less than perfect rating on any recipe that they have CHANGED by making substitutions. DUH - and you wonder why the recipe failed to meet your expectations. If you are going to rate:
(Stepping off my soapbox now)

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ironchefmooney May 14, 2011

OH! MY! GOSH! What a (to use someone else's word) FANTASTIC recipe! I did not have Grand Marnier, so I used 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract. I cannot believe how light, smooth, melt in your mouth, delicious flavor, easy to spread and work with this recipe is. I only made 1/2 of the recipe as it was a sample frosting. NOT ANYMORE!!! This is a keeper!!!

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Kimmarie1966 January 07, 2012

This frosting was exactly what I was looking for! I had to alter the recipe to work with what I had in the so I used 1 1/2 cups unsalted butter and then 1/2 cup shortening. Also, for the syrup, I used one cup granulatebed sugar and substituted 3/4 cup powdered sugar for the other cup of granulated. It all came together beautifully after going throught the "curdled" looking stage. It tastes just like the icing that my favorite local bakery uses!

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sabbeyk December 28, 2009

This frost is FANTASTIC. It is well worth the effor to make it. Don't substitute anything if you want it to come out right. Not only is it delicious, but its physically just beautiful. It looks like satin. A word of advice: The previous poster who mentioned temperature was not kidding! My house is well air conditioned, but this frosting started to melt as I iced my cake. Heartbreaking given the effort put into making it. I would strongly suggest having your cake halves cold when you ice them. I made this with Cherry Cake and it could not have turned out more delicious. Highly recommend both!

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SSellars July 05, 2008

I tried this recipe but I altered it a little. I used store-bought white chocolate flavored syrup in place of the homemade syrup; which I added to the egg whites. Hmm...maybe that is why I failed with this recipe. Anyway, with final results, the frosting was like solid butter with a small taste of the white chocolate syrup. It was like I had frosted the cake with solid butter. I think this recipe was more complicated than it looked. I think I will stick to an easier recipe.

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carbonique May 11, 2008

I have made this many times and it is delicious! Be aware that it is fussy. One pound of butter is enough. Make sure your kitchen is not too hot or it will melt in your pastry bag while you decorate your cake. I have had it curdle, but keep beating and it will smooth out.

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mvb June 14, 2005
Martha Stewart's Grand Marnier Italian Buttercream Frosting