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This is the best curd I've ever had!!! I used 3 whole eggs instead of the 6 egg yolks and it turned out perfectly. I've made this 2 times already in less then a month, that's how good it is. I love it because it's not too sweet, but not too sour, and it has such a great fresh lemon flavor. This curd is perfect for filling cakes and cupcakes with or serving with scones. This is the best lemon curd recipe you'll ever find, plus it's very easy to make. Thanks so much for the great recipe Swedish Chef!

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Cupcake-Princess June 08, 2010

A delicious lemon curd thanks Swedey, although a little richer than we are used to eating! I made it as posted, but I think in future I will go back to whole eggs and not just egg yolks, that is JUST personal taste of course! I also like mine just a TAD more lemony - that's just me, but then I am a Brit after all - so next time I will up my grated rind for a more lemony tang. I could NOT fault the creamy silky texture however, it was sublime. I have always strained my lemon curd and that is a wonderful tip for all future chefs, it DOES make a big difference to the end result. I am pleased I tried this and I am going to make it again with a few personal alternations if that is okay with you! Thanks! FT/Karen :-)

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French Tart September 03, 2010

Amazing... I love "eating my words"

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SpookyK October 24, 2012

First recipe I tried replaced the sugar with honey. Not a good substitution. It did not thicken enough and was too runny. Tried this - lovely! I used 2 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks instead. The second time I sieved was 'AFTER' adding the lemon zest. I just really did not want the 'bits' - I found in the other recipe, the zest must have made the curd bitter (it was cooked). I also added 1 tsp. of vanilla for taste.

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sherri w. February 26, 2016

sounds excellent , got to try it yet tho', will try it this week while I have family visiting us, my oldest grandson loves my lemon pie so I have to let him try this cake made with this lemon curd recipe ~

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Muremur July 30, 2013
Martha Stewart's Ca. 1995 Best Lemon Curd