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These things are what you call a sleeper! They are delicious! Nice and googy and sticky on the bottom and what a surprise when you bite into them and they are hollow on the inside. My neighbors and I ALL gave them a 5 after only eating just one. Need I say they didn't last long. A Fabulous recipe and a keeper.

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Chuck in Killbuck December 28, 2003

these are so addictive! it tasted just like cinibun's but home made.. will def. do it again! thanks Sandaidh :)

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Hessa October 18, 2008

I made these in school when I was younger using refrigerated crescent roll dough. They are so good! I'm glad you posted this recipe.

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Chef Patience October 05, 2007

If you follow this recipe exactly, you are working TOO hard! Instead of making the dough and all that is involved with that step, just use a tube of refrigerated crescent rolls! Seperate into triangles, and wrap 1 coated marshmallow with 1 triangle of crescent dough. Streach the triangle to cover the entire mallow, and pinch at the seams! This is DELICIOUS and will save you SO MUCH TIME!!!! Your company, that you are trying to impress, will never know you cheated!!!

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sillyelmo July 10, 2005

These were a hit at my house and with company, as well. They do take a little time to make, but are worth it. I served for breakfast along with a couple other items, and these were the most popular. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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Mannymom March 17, 2005

Extremely good easy dessert buns!! They taste JUST like cinnamon buns to the point that they should almost be called unrolled cinnamon buns! Yet it is much more fun to discover the hole in the middle with these buns. I made a couple alterations: I used all whole wheat flour, and didn't roll the marshmallows in margarine, instead the mashmallows sat on the dough that was sprinkled with the cinnamon sugar (which I decreased the sugar and, therefore, used mostly just cinnamon as the marshmallows are plenty sweet). I didn't have much of a problem with spillage at all. I halved the recipe to one set of 12 buns and baked for only 10 minutes as that is all they needed. Thank you Sandaidh for this wonderful and original recipe!!

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LUv 2 BaKE March 15, 2005

These are magnificent!!!!! They are the consistency of a very soft bun that tastes like a cinnamon roll and is a surprise when you bite into them and find a big hole. A couple of things to note: I used about another 1/2 c. of flour when blending the dough to get the proper consistency. After I rolled each half out I used a pastry (pizza)roller for ease of cutting the dough, I needed an additional TBS. of melted butter for coating the marshmallows, and the recipe doesn't state that additional butter and sugar is needed after the rolls are baked (for coating the top). When gathering the dough around the marshmallows, I went diagonal point to point, sealed the 4 seams, and then the 4 points remaining I brought up to the center and made a little twist. For another hint, I prepared half of the dough to ready for baking and placed them into custard cups for the second rise. The second batch of dough I placed in muffin tins lined with papers and let rise while the first batch baked. Both batches came out easily onto a rack placed over a jelly roll pan where I glazed them with the butter and sugar (to simplify cleanup). These are not any effort to make and they are simply sensational in technique, presentation, and taste. Also, I'm pretty sure you could half the recipe if you don't have 24 custard cups or muffin tins. Thanks, Sandaidh, for a really remarkable recipe! This one is a recipe I'll be passing on and on and on!!!!

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CobraLimes October 19, 2004

This was a very good recipe and not to hard to make. Everybody loved them.I have a suggestion that I may try next time I make them.When they are done and cooled off, try adding like a bavarian cream or an angel cream to the middle of them.

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rmcresong September 24, 2004

I'm at a loss to start this review *LOL* I had some troubles with the recipe that I can't quite figure out ... they taste WONDERFUL... kind of cinnamon roll-like .. gooey too ... gooey is ALWAYS good.. Here was my trouble and I really would love some feedback if anyone knows what the problem might have been... First , I messed up by not having 2 cupcake pans ... I only have 1 (12)count. Ok, what to do with the extra dough? Ahh, I have little baby loaf pans. So , I put the 12 puffs in the cupcake pan , and divided the remaining dough into thirds , rolled 'em out .. put 3 coated marshmallows in the middle , rolled them and sealed them. I put them all in the oven and they had only been cooking for about 7 min. when they started to smell burned. I thought maybe I had too high of heat.. but no , it was at 375*. Then they DID start smoking and my smoke alarm went off *LOL* Some oozed , which I figured would happen (til I get the hang of sealing well) but out of 12 , only 4 came out not burned. Now here is the strange part... the little loaves of marshmallow puff bread? Beautiful golden brown , no oozing and no burning. BUT!! Not ALL of the cupcake ones that burned, had oozed. Do you see why I can't figure it out? *LOL* ANYWAY!!! Even with the trouble I had , this recipe is getting 5 stars, because I'm assuming this is something I did wrong .. and they are SUCH tasty little buggers!! Husband and daughter both loved the taste of them and have requested another batch of these. Thanks and please!! If you have any suggestions???? Pass 'em on! *LOL*

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Marlene. March 21, 2004
Marshmallow Puffs