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This was pretty good, not quite sweet enough for my taste. It tasted better the next day. If I make this again I would use a graham cracker crust instead of just crumbs.

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Rachel S. #2 November 24, 2007

This recipe was great. Grandmother knew what she was doing (however, I didn't...thanks Bev!) I whipped the cream (my first time) and it didn't work (no surprise) so I used my back-up plan, Cool Whip! I just hope Grammy doesn't roll over in her grave. That was the only thing I had a problem with, no fault of the poster. Not only did everyone at church love this (Type 2 diabetic preacher ate half the pan), they couldn't believe the only sugar was marshmallows. When I got home, I didn't have room in the fridge, so I put it in the freezer. OMG!...it was better frozen! So, I'll be serving this year-round. Glad to have been the first to give this a go...Lots of happy Baptists give this 5 stars!

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Redneck Epicurean February 10, 2007

This was very nice and not too sweet. I'm no expert but I would not recommend it for diabetics! There is not only sugar in the marshmallows but also the graham crackers and natural sugars in the pineapple. 16.7 grams of sugar per serving! The previous reviewer is lucky their preacher didn't go into a coma! The name fits the recipe, it is "fluff". I had no trouble whipping the cream...it took about 5 minutes. I think I would make it again but would prefer it more chunky. I think I'd double the graham crackers & pineapple and put mini marshmallows and marschino cherries. I think that would make it outstanding. Made for 1-2-3 hit wonders.

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Engrossed February 02, 2007
Marshmallow Pineapple Fluff Dessert