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I use this all the time to decorate cookies. But I have a much easier - less messy way: 1) Melt marshmallow & water in microwave 2) Place 1/2 sugar in mixing bowl and make well in center 3) Pour marshmallows in center of well & mix with dough hook 4)continue kneading & add rest of sugar...then continue with the rest of the recipe.

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dukeswalker February 19, 2009

lI ove this fondant, givs you a nice smooth product. Something that I do differently is use my mixer with hook attachment. After melting the marshmallows and water, I pour it in my mixer with about 1/4 Crisco and start mixing, if I'm going to color it i add the gel coloring now. After thats mixed i start adding the sugar. About 4 cups first, then another 2 then take out and knead the rest. A lot easier and don't end up with pink hands from food coloring.

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Varga Girl May 07, 2009

Part 1. I have never made or eaten fondant. I looked on line, read recipes, watched videos. And since I am not a neat cook I was a little nervous using all that powdered sugar. I decided that I would start by mixing the marshmallow and sugar in the bowl. It got to the point that I had to turn it out to knead on the counter. I was doing pretty good until I got over confident and added to much sugar. I ended up needing to be vacuumed off. But I managed to make something that I think is fondant. I have no idea what texture I'm going for really. I've got dryish playdough. I greased it and put it in a foodsaver canister (saw that on line). I will be using the fondant on a cake in 5 days. I will play around with it in a few days. By the way, don't wear fuzzy slippers when you are making this.

Part 2. (March 3rd and 4th) I forgot to mention that I was making fondant because I have a Cricut Cake. I needed my cake on the 5th so I decided that I would start practicing on the 3rd. With the help of Tinkerbell I decided that my fondant was to dry. Since I had a time crunch and couldn't start over I cut off a piece, added a few drops of water and nuked it until it was slightly warm. I kneaded the water in and it was a little sticky. That was ok because I wanted beige and brown fondant. So I kneaded in some cocoa to get the colors I wanted. Everything was looking good. It rolled out nicely and I feed it to the Cricut. No go. I'm sure it would have been fine for other uses. It was to soft for the machine. I panicked for a moment (or 5) and remembered a video I saw on youtube. A woman used marshmallow fondant but she let it dry overnight on the cutting mats. So I filled my cutting mats and a few cutting boards and let them dry overnight. The next day it was perfect. My DS was thrilled with his cake and my DD can't wait for her birthday.

I had heard that fondant doesn't taste good. This does. The plain, light chocolate and chocolate (my favorite). I will definitely be making this again.

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cookee monster March 07, 2011

I have always been skeptical when it comes to fondant. I've always wanted to try it, but was afraid that a) it would end in disaster (tearing/being too heavy/being dry/being too wet/etcetc) because I can be quite a culinary-klutz or that b) it would taste terrible or that c) it would look too shiny and amateurish. Well, I finally decided to just try out a MM fondant, and found this gem. WOW!! It was FUN to make (very sticky at first!) and SO EASY!! I don't know what I was so afraid of-- this recipe pretty much makes it fool-proof. I added some cocoa powder and melted chocolate chips to mine (I was going to dye it black anyway) and made it chocolate favored. The fondant (I made some plain, as well) didn't even taste like paste, like I feared. The final product came out smooth (I had to add a little bit of water maybe a few times). Even if you mess up a few times (too much water, too much sugar), this recipe is so easy to correct... which is always a win in my book!!

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Cheeky Panda September 04, 2010

EDIT: 08/27/09 I was scared this wouldnt turn out...it was sticking to my hands and no matter what I tried I couldnt get it off so I just decided to add more and more powdered sugar and after 10 minutes of kneading...it all came off of my hands and formed a ball. I have it in the fridge now and I am so excited to put the cake together tomorrow night!!! I uploaded a pic of my fondant "ball". I will post pics tomorrow of my cake. Oh, I wanted it to be flavored and be brown, so I added some cocoa powder to the fondant as I was adding the powdered sugar. I am going to try this recipe for my daughters first birthday cake just becase of Picture #24 the blue cake...the pink purse and the pic posted by Chef Lindsay. I hope I have great success like those 3...absolutely beautiful cakes! Thanks for the recipe!

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Tiny_Toodles August 27, 2009

This is a great recipe however I can't help wonder how your instructions are verbatim to the one listed by Peggy Weaver with actual diagrams on how to apply fondant. If it IS her recipe, give her credit!

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liz April 30, 2009

First found this recipe on Peggy's page. Made a piano cake, and it came out perfect! Found I had to keep warming up the fondant to knead in all the color. And since cornstarch would've messed up the black, I just rolled it out on a big piece of plastic wrap, and turned it onto the cake. Looked incredible and got rave reviews form guests!! Keeper!!

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sugarpants January 11, 2009

Easy and yummy! I took other reviewers suggestions and put in the mixer, then kneaded color into it. It was made the night before and refrigerated, after warming up it was a breeze to work with. Thanks for all the possibilities for this yummy fondant!

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drinkmore August 13, 2013

I don't know much about baking cakes and this was my first time making fondant. I actually made it without doing much research. It was dry and cracking when I first took it out of the fridge (after a few hours). I just kneaded more Crisco into it and then it worked well. I wasn't able to roll it out with a rolling pin so I just used my hand to flatten it on a piece of wax paper. I then placed it upside down on the cake and peeled the wax paper off. I then cut off the sides. For first timers like me - remember to use enough butter cream frosting underneath so that the fondant will stick and that the cake will taste better. It tastes really good but I still prefer frosting over fondant any day.

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OneFaithE January 21, 2013

I had never made fondant before but needed some for my dd's cake and hate the taste of gum paste fondant. I was pretty doubtful when my counter was covered in powdered sugar and runny marshmallows, but this recipe actually worked just like it should! I was about to give up - hands completely covered in sticky goo - and then once I was able to re-grease them, suddenly it all just came together into a smooth ball. Took me a lot longer than 8 minutes but like I say, I'm a novice at this. I'd recommend re-greasing BEFORE you think you need to, though - once you're stuck, getting un-stuck is very tedious!!!!

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cammywyoming July 29, 2011
Marshmallow Fondant