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OH MY these are sinful LOL There is something wrong with the ingredient list that needs fixed. It says the butter is divided but it isn't in the directions . I do believe it should be the choc chips that say divided BUT I had to do some subbing . I thought I had chocolate chips but only had maybe 3/4 cup. So I subbed in squares of baking chocolate ( I weighed 1/2 cup of the chips to get ounces and just winged it to get about the same in chocolate squares) It worked for me LOL Then since it has been so humid my minis were stuck together so I used mostly a freshly bought bag of flavoured minis ( that worked ) Honestly think a square measuring 3x3 is to big. These are very rich so a much smaller square is great. They can be very tricky to get out of the pan . We cut the whole pan into quarters lifted a quarter out and placed on a cutting board to cut smaller squares. The brownie bottom is chewy and fudgy with the sweet gooey marshamllow layer and then followed by that heavenly choc/peanutbutter crispy layer. The top choclate layer can be a bit tricky to spread so make sure you drizzle it over all very well. Made for Everyday is a Holiday Tag

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wicked cook 46 August 29, 2009
Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars