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Made this for an impromptu get-together on a Saturday night and it was a hit! I used dried apricots and pieces of leftover sponge cake that I toasted lightly first. Have this with some good friends, a wonderful single malt whisky to sip while listening to a bit of Brahms and a very pleasant evening is guaranteed!

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Mirj October 20, 2009

Just a quick comment... (can't give star rating for comments)... this sounds deliciously decadent, I shall bear it in mind for my next fondue get together :) It's worth noting that this is uses the British Mars bars which are a COMPLETLY DIFFERENT product to that which is sold in the USA. I understand that the American Mars bars has a rather dense pale milky filling like the occasional limited edition dark chocolate ones they sometimes produce here (that never sell very well) and the American one has a layer of almonds. (The UK one is made with thick milk chocolate filled with a whipped choco-caramel truffle type filling topped with a thick layer of toffee-caramel and no nuts). Online reviews has said that the UK Mars is delicious (which, as it's my all time favourite chcolate treat I'm certainly not going to disagree with :) and the USA Mars is really nothing to write home about (at best). The 'Visible Mars Bar' site (Google search) has more detailed information. I DO look forward to trying this! (I shall be using British Mars bars though :)

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Ethan UK January 17, 2006
Mars Bar Chocolate Fondue