Mars Bar Chocolate Fondue

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

If you have a sweet tooth, then I guarantee you will become addicted to this. The idea came from a restaurant that has since closed down called "The Fondue Pot" in Reading. People used to come for miles around to eat this and it's so simple. After advice, I feel I should state that you should only use British Mars Bars as apparently American ones are completely different.


  1. Chop up the Mars bars and over a very low heat melt while stirring occasionally.
  2. When fully melted, add the single cream in small amounts, keeping the heat very low until there are no lumps and the mixture can coat the back of a spoon.
  3. Pour into a fondue pot or any bowl and serve eating with banana slices, dried apricots and marshmallows. Watch how fast this disappears!
Most Helpful

Made this for an impromptu get-together on a Saturday night and it was a hit! I used dried apricots and pieces of leftover sponge cake that I toasted lightly first. Have this with some good friends, a wonderful single malt whisky to sip while listening to a bit of Brahms and a very pleasant evening is guaranteed!

Mirj October 20, 2009

Just a quick comment... (can't give star rating for comments)... this sounds deliciously decadent, I shall bear it in mind for my next fondue get together :) It's worth noting that this is uses the British Mars bars which are a COMPLETLY DIFFERENT product to that which is sold in the USA. I understand that the American Mars bars has a rather dense pale milky filling like the occasional limited edition dark chocolate ones they sometimes produce here (that never sell very well) and the American one has a layer of almonds. (The UK one is made with thick milk chocolate filled with a whipped choco-caramel truffle type filling topped with a thick layer of toffee-caramel and no nuts). Online reviews has said that the UK Mars is delicious (which, as it's my all time favourite chcolate treat I'm certainly not going to disagree with :) and the USA Mars is really nothing to write home about (at best). The 'Visible Mars Bar' site (Google search) has more detailed information. I DO look forward to trying this! (I shall be using British Mars bars though :)

Ethan UK January 17, 2006