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This is such a yummy caramel cake!!! The cake is not sweet at all which is a perfect balance to the icing. Many thanks for a tried and true, wonderfully-scrumptious mars mar cake recipe! Just a note, if you dont have buttermilk just take a cup of milk (i use light blue) and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. I do this all the time and its just perfect. Edit, just thought I's share some tips on the method I use with this cake. I dont use tube pan with the removable base, I just use a normal cake tin with a large piece of baking paper (that covers the entire baking dish, and I just leave about a extra cm over the rim - not enough to burn down the house :) Then all you need to do is let the cake sit in the tin after being cooked for 10 - 15 minutes then lift the whole cake out, by the paper. Also, in the method, it says to cream the butter and sugar - no sugar in the recipe. I use about 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup, I must stress that the cake will not be sweet at all, but it is in a perfect balance with the icing (well perfect for us anyway) The topping of the thinly sliced mars bar...it looks lovely but much better to eat (in my opinion) without - not to mention that its a bit of a pain trying to get 'thin slices' of mars bars without it squashing up on you

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joynewman007 March 10, 2007

Cake was disappointing, it had no taste at all, icing is really good though! I would use the icing but on a better cake recipe.

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Louisecooke April 02, 2011

I used my own cake recipe - and took the icing recipe from here. It is to DIE FOR! Excellent! Definitely a keeper!!! :) Will be making this one again really soon! Thanks for posting!!!

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WhipUpABatch January 22, 2011
Mars Bar Cake