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Fantastic!!!! I made the recipe as written and wouldn't change a thing! I marinated mine for about 16 hours which was long enough. My chicken was not getting done after about 40 minutes, so I basted the legs with oil and kicked up the oven to 400 for another 15 minutes and they were done perfectly. So much flavor!! I think this marinade would be great on chicken wings too. UPDATE: I gave the leftovers to my neighbor and she just called asking for the recipe. . .said they were awesome to say the least. Made for AUS/NZ June 2009 recipe swap. I just made this recipe again, only marinating the chicken legs for 8 hours, then grilled them. YUMMY. We love this recipe! I made them yet AGAIN and this time used chicken wing (drummies only). Marinated them for about 5 hours and then maked them on a baking rack (over a cookie sheet) for 45 minutes at 350 and they were nice and crispy and tasty!

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JanuaryBride November 17, 2010

I hate to give this recipe only 3 stars after others left 5 star reviews. I made these with drumsticks exactly as the recipe stated. They marinated for about 20 hours, baked for 50 minutes. It was only just OK. Hubby says there was missing a little sweetness. Of my 3 kids, 2 ate all their chicken, but didn't like it more than that. 3rd child took one bite and left the rest (she is my pickiest eater, so I don't go by her tastes!). So there you have it. Marinade was OK, but nothing special.

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Coffee Criss March 03, 2013

I used bone in chicken thighs for this recipe, and they turned out wonderfully moist with a crispy skin. I was a little scared of all the citrus juice in the marinade. I was afraid it might "cook" the chicken if left too long, and was afraid of a strong citrus taste. Although there is a hint of citrus in the chicken, it's not overpowering at all. These turned out very nice. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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breezermom March 19, 2010

I really liked this marinade. I thought it might be a little too "citrus-y", but it's perfect in flavour. I used the ingredients exactly as listed but decided that they needed to be BBQ'd! I made 10 drumsticks with this and there was enough to marinate more. Made for Went to the Market. Thanks! :)

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Nif August 31, 2009

Mmmmm this sure is good! I used a whole chicken for this and that worked really well but so far have only eaten the legs. I didn't plan ahead nearly enough and only got 12 hours worth of marinade in and that worked just fine.

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invictus April 23, 2009
Marinated Roast Chicken