Marinated Oriental Pork Tenderloin With Fried Rice

Total Time
1hr 25mins
Prep 25 mins
Cook 1 hr

I have only posted 1 of my own pork recipes, to tell you the truth, it has never been my favourite meat. Hence I haven't made to many, but since trying a few zaar recipes and seeing how good it can be and how versatile it is, I thought I would experiment some more on my own. I made this last night and my hubby and I thought it was delicious I marinated the pork over night and then cut it into thin strips and served over fried rice. Yum Yum

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  1. Combine all marinade ingredients mix well and add pork, marinade several hours or as I said above preferably overnight.
  2. Remove pork from marinade, reserve marinade, Place pork on wire rack in oven dish. Bake uncovered in 180c oven 11/2 hours or until cooked through. Brush occasionally with reserved marinade and turn over once during cooking.
  3. Serve pork over fried rice. The pork has a good flavour and is moist and tender, I prefer mine plain over rice but my hubby spoons a couple of spoonfuls of left over liquid from roasting pan over his. So feel free to serve as you prefer.
  4. For the Rice.
  5. Heat half the oil in a wok or large frying pan, add eggs, cook stirring until creamy, remove to plate for later.
  6. Heat the other half of the oil and sesame oil in same pan, add carrot and pepper stir fry a couple of minutes, add garlic and ginger, stir fry for 1 minute more.
  7. Add soy sauce, mushrooms, corn and frozen peas stir fry a few Min's until veg are just tender, add snow peas, onion and sugar stir fry about a minute. Finally return egg along with rice and stir fry until heated through.
  8. Place Rice in bowls lay sliced pork over the top and serve immediately.
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Delicious! We enjoyed this meal for dinner. Because of lack of planning, I only got to marinate the pork for about 4 hours. I just poured everything into a large baggie. For the fried rice I followed directions; but for the veggies I used 1 carrot, 1 green pepper, 1/2 onion, 1/2 cup frozen sweet peas and fresh mushrooms. We did spoon the leftover marinate over the meat and rice. Made for Ausie Swap #28. Thanks Natalie for a great recipe.

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I had 2 tenderloins so I tried 2 different recipes. Hands down the wonderfully intense flavours of this recipe won over our tastebuds (and left the other tenderloin recipe tasting VERY bland - a balsamic marinade, Pork Tenderloin W/ Balsamic Marinade). Excellent, yummy and a perfect balance of flavours when followed exactly! Easy to prepare with ingredients already in my kitchen. It only marinated for 7 hours but the result was "exceptional," according to my husband; a non pork eater until recently. I didn't make the fried rice but I will be sure to next time! Can only say that for anyone watching sodium intake...this recipe is NOT for you!!