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I live in the middle of nowhere where "olive bars" are unheard of. I have tried other recipes for marinated olives with less than good results. THIS recipe, however, shines!! It is better than any olive bar olive and certainly better than other recipes I have tried. I think it is because of the method. Heating the oil and then the olives really brings up the flavor. Thank you so much for posting. I highly recommend this recipe.

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jimani November 19, 2013

Perfection plus! I followed this exactly using some mixed olives that I had from Wegmans' and continued on with the recipe of delicious-is-ness. Very easy, and you get a big bang for the easy enough prep. I can see my added some cauliflower, carrots, and other 'brined" product. Excellent, thanks for posting!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm December 31, 2009

I second these as amazing. They are a great finger food to serve at a party and work really well with a cheese plate. I followed the recipe exactly using cheap canned olives and it was great. Super easy too, which when making things for a dinner party gives this extra points.

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Erindipity March 12, 2009

This made it into Book #179627 This was simply amazing. Taking very inexpensive olives that normally I'd leave on the shelf at the grocer, and giving them flavor that I wouldn't expect from gourmet olives from the same shelf. I used fresh rosemary and CANNED (yes, canned) jumbo black olives (generic even). The flavors mix very well and are well-balanced. I cut recipe in half, tho I added a tad more olive oil than called for. The "WOW's" from family and friends included "Cooked olives?", "Lot's of flavor", and "How did you do THAT?" I was so taken by the flavor I had to go back and taste the PLAIN canned olives and was even more impressed with this recipe. Luschka, thank you so much for sharing this simple, yet delectable recipe! ~Buddha~

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2Bleu January 02, 2008
Marinated Olives