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This couln't have been better!
Thsi morning I bought some lamb and as I saw the recipe and the rosemary balsamico option I thought that I have to try it.
The most lamb recipes I did included thyme or oregano and never balsamico.
The meat turned out delicious, juicy and tasty.
Thanks a lot for remember us to let the meat sit before :yummy!

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awalde August 09, 2012

The marinade really imparted a lot of flavor and doing it on the bbq didn't hurt any at all. Made as directed except that I had to use dried rosemary. It came out very juicy and delicious and I'll use this again. Made for ZWT8.

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Annacia August 07, 2012

G-O-O-D!!! Ok, so my first experiment with Costa Rican lamb was, hmmmm, interesting. I tried two separate recipes to see what would happen. It turns out the lamb here is like the beef - tough. However, this recipe came out the most tender and the flavor was out of this world. I would like to try this again and increase the marinating time or add something that would tenderize a bit more. Maybe papaya or kiwi? But that is just because the meat is not very good here. This marinade on New Zealand lamb would be awesome. Made for ZWT8 - Australia. Thanks, Jubes!

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Jostlori August 10, 2012

Made this for Hubby and Little Miss (DD) and they really enjoyed this marinate. I had the lamb cutlets marinating for several hours and they told me the flavours really soaked up. Served with cherry tomatoes and basil salad. Thanks **Jubes** for a great recipe.

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Chef floWer March 03, 2010

Made for ZWT Family Picks as 1 last effort to use our Icelandic lamb in the waning dys of the Tour, I added another way to use your recipe that was excellent & "erased" marinating time. Using a mixture of cutlets & chops (definitely in an amt greater than 4 portions), I made the marinade in a bowl, added the lamb & made sure it was well-coated as you directed. Then I dumped the mixture (marinade & meat) into my crockpot & cooked them together for 8 hrs on high, adding carrots at the "half". The lamb & carrots were very tender & well-flavoured, but I wasn't done. I used a rubber spatula to loosen the cooking "remnants", strained the crockpot liquid, returned it to the crockpot & added cous cous to absorb the luscious liquid. This method made for a terrific meal & all of it flavoured by the marinade. We loved it & your recipe. Thx for sharing it w/us. :-)

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twissis August 30, 2012

We enjoyed these. I marinated for several hours and the DH cooked them on the b-b-q. I used a leg lamb chop (the centre bone had been removed and stuffed with a rosemary and honey sausage mix, which I think added to the overall recipe though the DH disagreed and said it was o'kay) Thank you **Jubes**, made as a recipenap for Swap #33 October 2009.

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I'mPat October 03, 2009

I am not a lamb eater, so I am going on a taste review from the carnivores of the family here...lol This marinade was easy to make and the verdict was 5 stars from the family. DH and DS especially loved the added flavours of the marinade, and said it made the lamb more tender. Made exacatly as written and this recpewas all thumbs up here. Thanks Jubes for a great addition to the families lamb chops! A keeper for future lamb chops and soon to be an additiion to pork chops here!

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Tisme September 30, 2009

Very nice marinade! I enjoyed this on a nice, thick lamb chop, which I grilled after marinating for about 2 hours. I was a bit worried that the lemon flavor would take over, but it was a perfect compliment to the tender lamb. DH also tasted it, and agreed that this would also be very nice on pork. Thanks for an easy, quick option!

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IngridH July 20, 2009

A wonderful marinade which I was bound to love as I love all the ingredients. I scaled this recipe back for two and we enjoyed these yummy chops with bmcnichol's Vegetable Couscous and Katzen's Easy Roasted Vegetables. lazyme, old-fashioned Australians - or perhaps I should say the stereotypical Aussie ;) - might describe these chops as "beaut" (short for beautiful) or "bloody marvellous", but I've never actually met anyone who speaks like that, only come across them on stage or in films! :) Most Australians if they enjoyed these would describe them exactly as you did: "delicious"! And in modern Australia, with so many non-Australian born Australians speaking a multitude of other languages, I'm sure that there would be many words from many, many languages completely unknown to me used to describe them. Lamb chops are certainly very popular here. A Korean-born Australian 12 year old boy recently told me that he loves Australia Day because "you get to eat BBQd lamb chops on Australia Day". These were great made these on the stovetop, but I'm sure that they would be even more delicious BBQd. Thanks for sharing this recipe, **Jubes**. Made for ZWT 5.

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bluemoon downunder May 13, 2009

Wow! Wish I knew the Aussie word for delicious! This was really good. I made it as directed on a stove-top grill pan (weather was icky). Really simple, nice way to have lamb chops. Thanks **Jubes** for yet another great recipe. Made for ZWT5 2009.

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lazyme May 12, 2009
Marinated Lemon Lamb (Cutlets or Chops)