Marinated Fruit Kabobs

Total Time
24 hrs
0 mins

These are juicy and sweet--very elegant. They bring a touch of class to a party. These have even been served at family weddings.

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  1. Assemble fruit on sticks.
  2. Place in large glass pan. Pour the marinade over and let sit overnight.
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I loved that the Marinade kept the fruit from browning :-) The apples/pears were not as big a hit & the canned mandarin oranges were very ... delicate to work with :D So the 2nd time I did this, I used clementine oranges that I peeled and strawberries with banana slices. Lastly, I stuck the skewers point side into a whole pineapple for display :-) Lovely .... Thanks for posting your recipe!

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I used fresh pineapple and no oranges. I cut up the fruit and marinated it overnight in a bowl then put it on skewers. Big hit at our Penn State tailgate party! Thanks!

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This was a great recipe. I did not have luck with the mandarian oranges and forgot to buy orange so I used apricot juice.