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This recipe is INCREDIBLE!! I had at a party the other evening and couldn't stop eating it. I can't wait to make it for my family for Christmas! UPDATE: while a little time consuming to assemble, it is well worth it. Putting the cream cheese in the freezer for about 30 minutes helped it to keep its shape better as you sliced it. Also, I don't recommend substituting red wine vinegar for the white. It overpowered the other flavors a little bit. Everyone enjoyed it, and it was a lovely addition to our assortment of appetizers.

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) March 29, 2011

I love love love this recipe. I've been making it for 5 years now, and I'm pretty sure I only get invites to parties just so I bring this along. The only changes I make are I use red wine vinegar instead of white, and I also use Pepperjack cheese alternated with the cheddar. All in all it's a never fail appetizer to share.

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cujo3425 November 24, 2010

This was quite tasty - and easy. I used Triscuits - between the crackers and the appetizer something was rather salty - could just be me - I'm "sensitive" to salt - I'll be making this again though. I used Philly Cream cheese, and a White Sharp Cheddar cheese. Update: It was the triscuits that were so salty - by the way - the longer the chesse marinates - the better it becomes!

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL March 13, 2007

I've made this twice now for parties, and both times everyone just loved it. I used monterey jack cheese instead of cream cheese. With blocks of cheddar and jack cheese the same size, the slices are uniform in size and texture. Very pretty on the serving platter. I served with baguette slices and found that I liked it best at room temperature.

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Ginny Sue September 04, 2006

Really good! I've eaten this many times, but just made for the first time. It's delicious as well as beautiful. Prepared the night before on a serving platter with high sides. Just remember to pull out of the fridge early, it shouldn't be served cold. Served with crackers. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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LonghornMama April 25, 2013

Well, why I am not sure my review I posted didn't show I don't know.

It was excellent. Well received and ate every last bite. For me, I used a mix of monterey jack and white cheddar along with the cream cheese.
Second, to the marinade, I did add some red pepper flakes (a personal preference for some heat) and fresh basil to the marinate. But otherwise, as is. It was very good.

I lined my small caserole dish with saran wrap and then added the cheese and marinade. The next day, I just picked up the edges of the saran wrap and transferred to the serving platter. I used a spatula to slide off the cheese in a nice stack, just like the picture and then poured on the extra marinade. Worked like a charm.

Flavorful, excellent, served with crackers, baguettes and bread sticks.

Follow the recipe exactly, the combo of flavor is what works. I garnished with a couple of sprigs of basil. It was a wonderful easy recipe. Make sure to let it marinade overnight.

One Note: You can marinade in the same dish you serve it. That is fine. I just had a Xmas dish I wanted to use, but either way, it works great.

A must make. I promise ... nothing will be left.
Thx, kim


I prefer to serve this at room temp or just a slight chill. I think the cheese and flavors are much better. My preference.

Made again over the holidays ... a hit again. Not only is it pretty, but great flavor. This time is used a mix of sharp and mild cheddar with cream cheese. But same result - delicious

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SarasotaCook January 07, 2013

I love this recipe. I originally got it from Southern Living. It really is such a great appetizer or snack. Has such an elegant look to it with the red and green ingredients. So professional, so delicious...and I'm taking all the credit :)

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DoveChocolatierinKY December 19, 2008

I'm glad I read the reviews, as I was looking at the dish trying to figure out how I was supposed to get slices of cheese out from the marinade (the olive oil congealed with refrigeration) and onto crackers. I let it warm to room temperature, then removed the cheeses to a serving plate with good results. We liked the cream cheese better than the cheddar (the cheddar didn't seem to take the marinade well), so I think next time I'll just use that. This is very tasty, and I've already had requests to bring it to my next party.

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Felix4067 December 21, 2007

I love this recipe. I often make it using 2 packages of cream cheese (no cheddar). I also usually make it and serve it in the same dish to avoid a lot of clean up. If you need to travel with this dish, remove most of the marinade back to the shaker jar and redistribute it when you arrive.

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alto_65 March 26, 2005

Was going to post, but am instead reviewing this delicious and impressive appetizer. It is really very tasty and gives a unique look to your buffet table. When you transfer to your serving tray, you will leave most of the marinade behind, and as long as you have some of herbs/pimentos on top, there is no need to spoon additional marinade on, IMO. Enjoy!

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LorenLou April 18, 2004
Marinated Cheese Appetizer